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Places to Go in San Diego: Top “Strange” Attractions

We’ve always been the type of people who love to get our photographs taken in front of those strange roadside attractions: the biggest frying pan in North Carolina, the building shaped like a wicker basket in Ohio, and that bronze bull on Wall Street with the big, well, you know! The stranger it is, the happier we are, and if you share the same “attraction” for the strange and unusual, you’ll be happy to know we’ve compiled this list of strange attractions and places to go in San Diego for your vacationing pleasure!

Unconditional Surrender Statue, on Tuna Lane Next to the Aircraft Carrier

You’ve seen the picture of the Navy seaman bending the nurse over and giving her a big kiss; now see it in gigantic statue form! Standing over 25 feet tall, the recreation of that famous photo is a hit with tourists from all over the world.

A National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military, Also on Tuna Lane

From gawdy to memorable, this 16-statue homage to Bob Hope and his contribution of humor to our men in uniform will bring a tear to the eye of all visitors. 15 bronze soldiers of men dressed in the uniforms of all our military branches gather round Mr. Hope as he performs a show that never ends at this best places to visit in San Diego.

Lemon Grove’s Largest Lemon, 3365-3599 Main Street, Lemon Grove

While not exactly a places to go in San Diego, a short drive inland will take you to an oddity that fits our category. The largest lemon was originally built as a parade float and weighs over 3000 pounds! This beloved landmark has rested on its laurels near the trolley tracks since parade’s end all the way back in 1928 and would be a perfect addition to your photographic collection of Americana weirdness!

Kansas City Barbecue, 610 West Market Street

Not so much odd as it is special, you’ll find that lovin’ feeling again when you visit the place Tom Cruise filmed the famous karaoke scene in the movie Top Gun. It’s a barbecue joint that has been renovated after a fire in the 2008, but that doesn’t stop the fans from visiting every day!

Book Your Stay to Enjoy the Best Places to Visit in San Diego

After spending the day chasing the bizarre and unusual, coming home to your 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape will be an exercise in sanity. Gather around the dinner table with a carryout meal you purchased during your day’s explorations, laughing as you scroll through the pictures you took to post online. Vacation living in one of our unforgettable homes will be memorable—reserve yours today!