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Top Fun Facts About San Diego You May Not Know

When traveling to new places, we often study the guidebooks looking for sightseeing attractions that we don’t want to miss, but beyond that, we learn nothing interesting about our vacation destination. For example, everyone knows that Central Park is located in Manhattan, but how many people know that it was originally purchased for approximately $24 from the Native Americans back in 1626? It’s fascinating nuggets of information like these that make your vacations that much more interesting, and so we are going to let you in on a few fun about San Diego that will give you a greater understanding of its wonders!

The First Driver Across the Coronado Bridge on Opening Day

Prior to the opening of the Coronado Bridge in 1969, the only way to get from San Diego to Coronado Island was by ferry, so the bridge opening signified an end of era. What many people do not know, however, is that a younger Ronald Reagan was the first person to drive across the bridge on opening day; he was the governor of California at the time!

Charles Lindbergh’s Famous Flight

Charles Lindbergh and his trusty plane, The Spirit of Saint Louis, will forever hold a place in history for completing the first solo transatlantic flight to Paris, but how many people realize that the flight originated right here in San Diego? We all know he flew non-stop from New York to Paris, but he began his journey by flying from San Diego to New York.

The Places He Lived

Another fun facts about San Diego is that Ted Geisel, more famously known as Dr. Seuss, once made his home in our city, at the top of Mount Soledad. San Diego was good for his creativity, and many of his top books were written from his mountaintop home.

Comic-Con was Born Here

Fun San Diego Facts: The famous convention dedicated to the wonders of comics got its start right here in San Diego all the way back in 1970. Originally called the Golden State Comic Book Convention, the event lasted just one day. Today, Comic-Con has generated many offshoots, and is the most popular four-day event in the nation. In addition, the first Comic-Con Museum is scheduled to open in Balboa Park in the next couple of years, allowing guests to experience the joys of Comic-Con year-round!

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