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The Best Times to Visit San Diego

If you think back on some of your worst vacations to the most popular tourist destinations, chances are you visited those places during the height of tourist season. Crowds of people, going to all the same places you went, during the hottest (or coldest!) times of the year. To make matters even worse, unless you planned far, far, far in advance, you had to make do with vacation accommodations that were picked over, wait in long lines for your meals at popular restaurants, and the rental car you managed to acquire turned out to be a compact—for a family of 5! The best time to visit San Diego depends on your preferences. Although there are no bad times to visit, if you are looking to visit during a time when the tourist population is lower, we have just the info you are looking for!

No Bad Time to Visit

The year-round beautiful weather we have in San Diego means there really isn’t a bad time to visit. Winters stay warm and sunny, bringing jealousy to family members back east; they are the perfect time to experience Christmas at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Spring brings budding flowers and Uncorked: San Diego, an annual wine festival that should not be missed, while summer is the time for romantic walks on moonlit beaches and long days spent at Belmont Park enjoying the rides, games, food, and fun.

As we said earlier, there are no bad times to visit San Diego, but there is one time of year where the tourist population dies down, the streets quiet, just a smidge, and the lines for your favorite tourist attractions and restaurants grow smaller. During the months of October and November is the best time to travel to San Diego and see our slice of paradise without the bustle of the crowds.

Same Great Weather

The sun will be shining, and the temperatures will still be mild enough to impress those chilling in the snow back home, but most tourists will be home as well. This is the time of year when school and work is a priority and vacations take a backseat to real life. The locals will venture out more and more, enjoying the peace and the many festivals that take place during these two months. Fashion Week San Diego, the Annual Pacific Beachfest, and the Coronado Film Festival are just a few examples of what you can expect during this, the best time to go to San Diego.

The Pick of the Pack

Because tourist traffic drops during these months, your choices of 710 Beach Rentals vacation escapes increase. Enjoy the pick of the pack and the chance that there may be some specials that drop the prices even lower! Reserve your fantasy vacation home today!