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If you didn’t believe pizza could be fine dining, you haven’t visited Ambrogio15. This Pacific Beach pizzeria uses the highest quality ingredients, from imported Italian grains to the European Union-certified organic toppings. Besides cooking with high-quality ingredients, Ambrogio15 serves pizza and wine made with innovative techniques.

It’s All in the Ingredients

Not only does, Ambrogio15 hand-pick its organic wines, but it makes its own focaccia, antipasti and desserts. The quality begins in the ingredients.

Ambrogio15 sells biodynamic wines from a consortium of small-scale wine makers in Italy. Biodynamic wines are organic and non-GMO and made using more holistic and sustainable methods than most farm products. Besides using natural fertilizers, grape growers use a range of animals to keep the farm healthy.

Ambrogio15 pizza has paper-thin crust. The crust is made with organic imported flour that has a 48-hour rising process, which makes the dough much lighter and more easily digestible. The restaurant also makes fantastic focaccia, the flat, oven-baked traditional Italian bread. It’s made in-house from 100% organic stone-ground wheat from Padova, Italy. This isn’t the boring, dry focaccia you’re probably used to getting. Ambrogio15 makes a whole menu of focaccia breads. For example, the Nuvola Crudo e Burrata is topped with imported burrata cheese from Puglia and prosciutto crudo di Parma that’s been aged for 20 months.

Ambrogio15 also serves scrocchiarella focaccia, a crunchy Italian flatbread. The Scrocchiarella Porchetta e Burrata, for example, is filled with homemade Italian porchetta (pork roast), imported burrata cheese from Puglia, mixed greens, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano that’s been aged for two years and organic local cherry tomatoes.

The pizza is equally to-die-for. Try the Salsiccia, Cipolle, Pomodorini secchi, which has San Marzano tomato DOP, mozzarella fiodilatte, Italian sausage, onions and sundried tomatoes. Or the Salamino Piccante, which has San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella fiordilatte, spicy Salame Calabrese, fresh rosemary, garlic oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano that’s been aged 24-months.

Get a Taste of Italy in San Diego

From seed to plate, Ambrogio15 takes pride in its food. You’ve never eaten pizza like this before, and it happens only in San Diego. Call us or visit our website today to book your next trip!