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Amplified Ale Works Kitchen and Beer Garden

While California is famous for over-priced eateries that are both snooty and overrated, Amplified Ale Works Kitchen & Beer Garden in San Diego is anything but! Located at 4150 Mission Boulevard #208 and open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, this moderately priced casual restaurant is one of our favorite places to visit when we feel like relaxing and letting our hair down after a hard week at work! If you’re wondering where to eat in San Diego, you’ve found the place.

Views of the Ocean Complete the Menu

The interior, with its stainless-steel brewing tanks, concrete countertops, and reclaimed barn wood accent walls, is a space filled with the industrial touches that can often appear contrived in other restaurants, but feels just right in this hip joint. Guitar picks hang from stainless steel taps, adding a touch of classic bling, while steel barstools and colorful posters complete the picture. It’s the patio dining, however, that holds our hearts, with views of the California sunset so breathtaking you can’t bear to look away, afraid of missing a single second of Mother Nature’s greatest performance!

Food, Drink, and Pleasant Conversations

The Mediterranean style food served at Amplified Ale Works Kitchen & Beer Garden in San Diego is simple, yet filling, with small plates meant to be shared. Choose a plate of fries or some parmesan zucchini to start, or order a three-skewer plate with your choice of meats and sides and be prepared to bring home a doggy bag! Steak, pomegranate chicken, salmon, shrimp, or nothing but veggies are the skewer options, and oh how so good they all taste! This is definitely where to eat in San Diego.

The drinks offered include gluten reduced beers they have brewed themselves. The unique names are incentive enough to make you want to try them, but their tastes back up their promises! Execution IPA, Leggy Blonde, Coffee Stout, and Butternut Squash Brown are just a few of their names. Many of these beers can be found in bars, pubs, and restaurants near you, but you get more bragging rights when you “fish straight from the source!”

Happiness is Spelled 710 Beach Rentals!

After your meal is done at Amplified Ale Works Kitchen & Beer Garden in San Diego, you can head to your San Diego escape for an evening of family fun and laughter; reserve yours today and discover the true meaning of happiness!