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India Street Antiques

Vacation shopping doesn’t always have to be about souvenirs and sandwiches; some of your best experiences can take place in one of those eclectic indie shops where you can scavenge for treasures from the past. Flea markets in Paris, swap meets in Houston, and India Street Antiques in San Diego, CA—these are the places that often end up being the highlight of your entire trip!

Ahead of the Times

You may not expect an antique store to be considered a trend setter, but India Street Antiques is not your normal antique store. Opened in 1991, their store was the first retail store of its kind in the North Little Italy neighborhood, but in the 28 years they have been in business, the area has morphed into one of the best-known art and design districts in all of California. India Street Antiques in San Diego, CAs had a vision, and when you’re traveling to San Diego for that once in a lifetime vacation, you have to take some time out of your day and browse their aisles; everything you purchase can be shipped and delivered to your home or office, so you don’t have to worry about fitting that perfect mid-century modern credenza you’ve been searching for into your carry on!

2361 India Street, San Diego

We could lose ourselves roaming the aisles of this surprisingly dust-free antique paradise for hours at a time, and when you visit, we think you’ll understand why! From the tiniest trinkets to the largest louvred cabinets, India Street Antiques in San Diego, CA has a little something for everyone; you can visit the store several times and still not see it all! Their furniture restoration services department is meticulous; once India Street gets its hands on a piece of furniture, it comes back to you looking better than the day it was originally constructed! And because this gem of a store has never been satisfied with the status quo, their online eBay store offers a selection of choice items from their vast inventory to window shop from the comfort of your couch; remember that when you are home again! If you are visiting San Diego, you need to experience the wonders of India Street Antiques firsthand—you’ll thank us for that later!

It Only Gets Better from Here!

Antique shopping can be a tiring but rewarding experience. After a day of walking the aisles choosing just the right pieces for yourself, your family, and friends, won’t it be nice to come home to a 710 Beach Rentals ocean front cottage, pour yourself a glass of something cold, and sit out on the patio watching the ocean waters ebb and flow? Reserve yours today!