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Kono’s Cafe

Owners Kathy and Steve opened Kono’s Cafe in 1991. They were raising their children at the time and wanted jobs that were fit for their lives as parents. Today, it’s a thriving cafe well known on the boardwalk for its hearty meals.

Location on the Historic Crystal Pier

Perhaps the best part about Kono’s Cafe is its location on the Crystal Pier, the site of an old amusement park built in the 1920s. The cafe isn’t located on the actual wooden pier above the water (the only thing from the original layout that has survived the pier is the Crystal Pier Hotel), but on the intersecting boardwalk. That doesn’t change the quality of the view, however. You can eat your food at the tables outside the cafe as you look out at the ocean and watch the beachgoers play on the shore.


The first Kono’s Cafe regulars were surfers, but today, its appeal is universal. The menu is straightforward and full of the classics. Kono’s Cafe, true to its origins, serves breakfast all day. When breakfast burritos were still a new thing, Kathy and Steve were making them. They were inspired by the breakfasts they ate during their summers in Baja, where they would eat tortillas with every meal, including breakfast. Today, the cafe sells five different types of egg burritos. They’re filled with sausage, avocado, cheese, pica salsa, onions, peppers and more. Bring your appetite, too, because these are hearty burritos that are stuffed to the brim. Other breakfast items include scrambled eggs, French toast, pancakes and bagels. For lunch, there are burgers, nachos, sandwiches and salads. Kono’s Cafe serves all the basics and won’t leave you wanting.

Your visit to the pier just got better. You’ll love waking up to a Kono’s Cafe breakfast burrito. Call us today and start planning your San Diego vacation today!