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La Jolla Water Sports

Some of the best vacation spots in the world share one common trait: They are located right on the ocean, where life moves at a slower pace. Relaxing and rejuvenating, an ocean vacation helps us find our calm places, but also offers adventures that are both thrilling and exciting, such as whale watching, parasailing, jet skiing, and our personal favorite, Snorkeling and scuba diving. The world under the sea is a quiet one, with only the sound of your own exhaling interfering with the peace. But quiet doesn’t have to mean boring! La Jolla Water Sports can help and lead you on adventures you never dreamed possible.

Then the Magic Begins

Your choice of Snorkeling and Scuba tours is endless, and when you choose La Jolla Water Sports, you’re guaranteed an experience like no other. Their instructors aren’t just knowledgeable; they are personable as well, and their tours are smaller than you may find at other dive shops. They want you and your family to be the center of our attention, whether you are playing it safe with a simple snorkeling tour or you are showing off your daredevil side as you swim with the sharks (the sharks on this tour are harmless, but it sure gives you a story to tell back home!).

Also offering night time lobster tours (did you know that San Diego lobsters don’t have claws?), spearfishing tours, and guided Snorkeling tours in the 7 caves of La Jolla , a Snorkeling adventure makes this vacation even more thrilling! Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera; the sights under the sea are ones you will want to share with those who have never been. If you are spearfishing or lobster diving, you will need a fishing license. You can purchase yours at their Dive Shop.

We Can’t Guarantee Mermaids

But we can promise that life under the sea is a pretty special place, especially when you have the opportunity to regain your land legs in the comfort of one of our 710 Beach Rentals seaside cottages—reserve yours today!