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Mission Beach Coffee Break

Rich, dark, strong, and smooth. No, we’re not talking about your dream date; we’re talking about the beverage that is loved so passionately by people of all nationalities, ages, sizes, and colors. Coffee makes the world go ‘round, and although you may think that the certain Seattle chain coffee shop is the only place that serves decent java, we’re about to introduce you to something better. Mission Beach Coffee Break in San Diego, located at 2888 Mission Boulevard, is open seven days a week from 6AM until 4 PM and it’s about to become your new addiction! Read about why we think coffee here is the best coffee in San Diego!

Blue Awnings on the Outside

Signify that you have arrived in heaven, the aromatic smell of roasting coffee beans and baking pastries will bring a smile to your taste buds. Outside, you will find a few small café tables that invite you to sit, sip, and watch the people milling around the streets of San Diego. Step inside this casual coffee shop and admire the reclaimed wood accent walls for just a second; your attention will soon be diverted to the wondrous sights, sounds, and scents that surround you! A golden wood bench made from two surfboards sits under a tryptic picture of Mission Beach at sunset, and a small variety of mismatched tables and stools manage to work well together, creating an ambience that is both homey and inviting.

Sweet Nectar That Never Fails to Please

Now it’s time to talk joe: Mission Beach Coffee Break coffee, that is. Your first sip of the best coffee in San Diego will be magical, while your last one will be a sad moment—until you realize that MBCC sells their beans, allowing you to bring some of the magic back to your 710 Beach Rentals luxury beach house, or even your hometown! $14.95 will buy you a bag of Kona, Organic Mexican, or House Dark, and if you run out before your trip ends, just visit their website and order it online. Your order will be available for pick-up in 15 minutes and you can continue with your regularly scheduled vacation!

In addition to the homemade pastries visible in the display case, Mission Beach Coffee Break in San Diego also sells breakfast sandwiches so delicious, you may want to buy some for lunch—or to keep back in the rental for emergency snack needs that may arise in the middle of the night! The avocado egg white breakfast sandwich washed down with a chai latte will change your life.

Waking up to a Mission Beach Coffee Break Coffee in San Diego

Is another life-changing experience! Reserve your 710 Beach Rentals condo today and make your first stop a coffee break!