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When visiting San Diego, there are three universal truths that will never fail you: The sun will be shining, the ocean will ebb and flow, and the good Mexican food restaurants will serve the best food you have ever tasted! If we were to have a state food, it would definitely be Mexican, and if we had a state restaurant, it would be Pueblo in San Diego! Home to a modern mix of the classical and the innovative, Pueblo is located at 877 Hornblend Street. They are open every day of the week and famous for their moderate to slightly expensive Baja coastal meals. If you’re in the neighborhood, we recommend planning on eating at least one of your vacation dinners right here in paradise!

Sleek, Modern, and Good Mexican Food Restaurant in San Diego

While many good Mexican food restaurants in San Diego overwhelm you with flashy colors and cramped décor, Pueblo offers a simple style that doesn’t interfere with the food being served. Polished concrete floors, simple black chairs topped with cerulean blue cushions, and incredible views from the rooftop bar all combine to make a visit to this Baja-style eatery a comfortable and tranquil one. You don’t have to be loud and obnoxious to have a good time, and the quiet elegance found here will please diners of all types.

The Party Begins

Whether you are in the mood for a Pueblo Margarita served in a salted glass on the rooftop deck or an ice cold cerveza enjoyed with new friends at the inside bar, you’ll soon discover there’s always a drink and a place to celebrate everything from a 21st birthday to a Tuesday on vacation! Martini Mondays, Happy Hour every day, Taco Tuesday, Wine Down Thursday—pick a day and pick your special, because this party never ends!

And Then There’s the Food

Their Platos Pequeños (small plates) are large in flavor and taste. Sample their ceviche, some guacamole, salmon tartare, or chorizo mussels and tantalize your taste buds that have forgotten flavors like this exist! There’s no need to wait till Tuesday to have tacos; Pueblo’s tacos deserve to be eaten EVERY day, and their Black Mole Chicken, Carne Asada, and Shrimp La Paz are dinner items that are created with only the freshest ingredients. Baja style incorporates the best of the land, sea, and air, and the chefs at Pueblo in San Diego understand if they aren’t true to the style, their guests will never return! And because they care about family, their children’s menus offer the same fresh tastes that are found on the adult’s menu; they just tone down the spices a bit to please palates that haven’t quite matured. The drink menu at Pueblo in San Diego is vast. You can find wines sold by the glass or bottle, Mexican cerveza and American Beer, and a specialty cocktail list that is both imaginative and exciting.

Live Differently and Eat Your Leftovers for Breakfast!

Chicken Mole and a mimosa can be an exciting way to start the new day in your luxury 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape. Reserve yours today and live life by your own rules!