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Rubicon Deli

If you happen to think that the best delicatessens can only be found in New York City, you’re about to have a complete change of heart when you visit a San Diego deli—specifically one of the many Rubicon Deli’s in San Diego. Open from 10:30 AM until 7 PM every day of the week, this moderately priced deli has won the loyalty of San Diegans with its modern twist on the standard sandwich shop. Serving San Diego food made with fresh and local ingredients, Rubicon’s sandwiches are famous for their gigantic size. It takes a big sandwich to contain all that flavor and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t stop in during your San Diego vacation.

Different Than All the Rest

When you first walk in to Rubicon Deli in San Diego, you may wonder what all the hype is about, as the stained concrete floors, communal tables, and large center display case with bags of chips clipped to the front may seem reminiscent of all the other delis in the world. It’s ok, we won’t hate you for feeling that way, because as soon as you catch sight of the menu, we know you will quickly change your mind! Determined to change the way people eat in a fast food world filled with over processed foods, the chefs behind Rubicon’s prepare meals that are made from scratch with ingredients sold by local farms, teaching us that healthy San Diego food CAN be flavorful and inexpensive!

Vegetarians Are Welcome

In a business that is mostly known for its selection of meats, vegetarians will be very pleased to learn they can eat more than a salad when dining at Rubicon Deli in San Diego! The Whales Veg Sandwich features pesto goat cheese, avocado, cucumber, tomato, carrot, alfalfa sprouts, spring greens, Dijon mustard, and balsamic vinaigrette that makes for a sandwich so delicious, even die-hard carnivores won’t miss the meat! Their grilled cheese sandwiches are large, creamy, and also offered in smaller sizes that won’t overwhelm your children!

But if You Love the Meat

You may want to eat every meal at Rubicon’s—especially when you see the size of their sandwiches! Try the Dapper Dipper, a French dip made of slow roasted prime rib, crispy onion haystacks, swiss cheese, creamy horseradish, and of course, au jus for dipping for an amazing San Diego food experience. If you are the only one eating the sandwich, go with the half; the full sized one is large enough to feed your entire family! Also offering homemade soups, acai bowls, craft beers on tap, and gluten free cookies for a little sweet to end your meal, Rubicon Deli in San Diego is our favorite deli, and we predict it will soon be yours as well!