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Sara’s Mexican Food

We have learned after many years of traveling to locations exotic and unusual that some of the best meals aren’t served in haughty restaurants with white tablecloths and dim lighting; the most memorable meals we have ever eaten have come from food trucks and diners and small restaurants where the menu is written on a dry erase board and posted by the cash register. When you dine at Sara’s Mexican Food in San Diego, you will understand what we are talking about! Open every day of the week from 11 AM to 10 PM and located at 2907 Mission Boulevard, Sara’s Mexican Food in San Diego serves the best tacos in San Diego, they’re is flavorful, simple, and inexpensive enough that you may find yourself returning often and saving your vacation dollars for souvenirs!

Walk Up to the Window

There’s no inside dining at Sara’s Mexican Food in San Diego; this is the place you walk up to the window, order your food, and walk away with a handful of delicious wonders! If you feel the need to sit at a table and use forks and plates, take your burritos back to your 710 Beach Rentals vacation home and chow away! Otherwise, there is a lime green bench strategically placed in front of the window, so grab some napkins, find a spot and let the deliciousness begin! You can also take a bag to the beach, spread out your blankets, and enjoy one of the best views in town; you can’t get a deal and a view like this one anywhere else in town.

Simple & Hearty

If you have never tried Mexican food before, Sara’s is the best place to start. This is the food created of love for a passionate nation. Spicy, hot, and flavorful, your first bite promises to start a whole new food addiction for you. Keep it classic and order the tacos, the best tacos in San Diego in our opinion, or expose your daring side and discover the delicacy of a carne asado burrito! Chile rellenos and chimichangas can be ordered off the ala carte menu, or a torta (Mexican sandwich) of machaca beef, hot sauce, and flat breads will change the way you view sandwiches forever. Homemade tortillas taste nothing like the ones you buy in packages at the grocery store, and the salsa served in tiny plastic containers will make you understand why fresh is always better!

If You Want Luxury with Your Meal

But you aren’t willing to spend a lot of money, grab a bite from Sara’s Mexican Food in San Diego and enjoy it in comfort and style on the deck of your oceanfront 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape! Reserve yours today and discover that simple can be simply delicious!