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Speed Boat Adventures

The name says it all: If you’re interested in high speed adventures on San Diego’s waters, this is the company to talk to! But where other companies take you out and drive you around, Speed Boat Adventures gives you control of the wheel—no license required! This is one of the rare opportunities where you control where you go and how fast you zoom!

A Chance to Take Control

Speed Boat Adventures of San Diego is a tour through the harbor on a 13-foot speed boat. With your guide, you’ll see America’s Finest City from a waterborne view. While you go, your boat’s communication system will give you a historical narrative about the beautiful city.

Better yet, you’ll have the chance to drive the boat yourself! The thrill of speeding along the water’s surface is magnified five-fold when you’re behind the wheel, feeling the water bend or yield at the push of your pedal. From the angle of the boat as you turn to the spray of the water behind you, everything is more exciting when it’s at your fingertips!

Surprisingly, this also makes Speed Boat Adventures a great choice for self-styled “control freaks” as well as more timid drivers. We all know someone who can’t stand having someone else drive them—if they’re going anywhere faster than 20 mph, they are going to be the one steering! Well, with Speed Boat Adventures, this is where they can zip along the water while retaining that sense of control. Those who are uneasy with high-speed water rides will also enjoy this, where they can choose how fast the boat goes, picking up speed as they get more comfortable.

Not a Care in the World

While cruising in a speed boat without a license sounds dangerous, the company has an impeccable safety record. The boats are as stable as they are comfortable, so you don’t need to worry about your inexperience putting anyone in danger. And of course, each boat comes with Coast Guard-approved safety equipment. Worry less about accidents and focus on the beauty of the harbor and the thrill of the cruise!

Book Today

The company hosts three sets of tours each day—they start at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. Just go to www.speedboatadventures.com to check their schedule—click on the tour you want on the day you want to book it!

Stay and Play

From cruising the San Diego’s harbor to visiting its fabulous museums, there’s so much to do in San Diego that you can’t fit it all into a weekend. Why not book an extended stay with a rental company instead? Browse the great choices of 710 Beach Rentals, and call 858-598-3137 or book online today!