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Top Reasons to Go to San Diego

As you start planning your next vacation, you may be having a bit of difficulty in deciding where you want to go. Whether you are a frequent traveler or one who rarely leaves their hometown, there’s so many wonderful places to visit, you just may not be able to narrow it down to one place. We at 710 Beach Rentals understand your dilemma and are here to tell you why we think your next vacation destination should be San Diego. It’s true, we may be a bit biased, but we think our city is one of the world’s most beautiful, and the millions of tourists who cross our borders each year are proof! Keep reading to find out what makes this city so special and discover the top reasons to go to San Diego.

The Food

San Diego is a multicultural city that offers the opportunity to try foods of all types, including some international meals you may not have thought of before! Some of the world’s top restaurants can be found right here. How are you going to know what your new favorite meal is if you don’t experience at least a few of our best restaurants?

The Weather

It’s not called bragging if you’re telling the truth! The weather in San Diego is a dream come true and one of the best reasons to go to San Diego. It’s not too hot, not too cold, not too humid, and not too dry. No matter what time of year you visit, you are guaranteed to make the people back home jealous when they see all your pictures of the perfect sunny days in paradise!

Million Dollar Views

Whether being seen from the window of your 710 Beach Rentals vacation home or through the open windows of your rental car as you drive along the coasts, the San Diego views will take your breath away. Rocky cliffs that lead down to turquoise waters, fabulous sunsets that explode in the sky in an array of vibrant colors before yielding to midnight blue skies filled with the twinkling of a billion stars, and the sight of the city lights at night when taken from Coronado Island are a few of the simply stunning sights that should not be missed.

The History

From that moment when explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo first stepped on the shores of San Diego Bay, it was clearly apparent that San Diego was a town that would change the world. A visit to San Diego is the opportunity to step back in time. Military buffs, architecture fans, and tourists who simply enjoy walking in the footsteps of those who helped make our nation the great place it is today will all be thankful they made the decision to visit San Diego for their next vacation!

Our 710 Beach Rentals Vacation Escapes

Because a vacation can be made even better by choosing the right vacation rental, our homes offer you the chance to experience paradise. Reserve yours today!