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Balconies! Grills! Pools on rooftop decks! Lots of windows, letting in invigorating sunlight! Beautiful nearby hiking! All of these sound great, right? Well, they all have one thing in common: Without gorgeous weather, there’s just no magic to them. Thankfully, San Diego has that one amenity that you can’t build or bring with you to our houses for rent in San Diego: a lovely climate!

Coastal climates are known for being mild and generally attractive. The ocean and the sea breezes help to moderate the temperature, staving off scorching summers and warming up worrisome winters. Plus, San Diego is far enough out of the tropics to avoid the stifling humidity and abundance of insects which tend to characterize the more southerly U.S. coasts. That’s why we became 710 Beach Rentals—because vacation houses for rent in San Diego, CA offer the best weather!

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Great weather isn’t just pleasant, it offers stability. When the weather is predictably calm, it assures you that plans can proceed smoothly: attractions stay open, events don’t get cancelled, and outdoor activities continue as planned. To have a perfect vacation, it’s good to rule out as much uncertainty as possible. When you stay in our Pacific Beach houses for rent, weather is rarely an issue!

Depending on your location in the country, San Diego probably offers an escape at least one season during the year. In the Northwest? Get out of the rain for a while and enjoy some sunshine! Are you from the Southwest? Get out of summer’s unbearable heat and find out what a nice summer day is like! Do you live in the Midwest or out East? We hear snow can get irritating—don’t worry, we don’t have it! Whatever your position, our beach rentals offer a great escape. Find a San Diego vacation rental that suits you and enjoy our beautiful weather!