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La Jolla Vacation Homes for Rent

La Jolla is one of those quiet communities where beauty and luxury go hand in hand. Expensive cars drive down tree-lined streets, their tinted windows hinting that maybe someone well known is hidden away inside. Charming houses offer luxurious accommodations and spectacular views, and the California sun seems to shine just a tad brighter when you are visiting. It may just be a trick of the mind, but that is how it seems to us.

Recognizing a good thing when we see it, our La Jolla vacation home rentals all feature that extra bit of sumptuousness that turns a wonderful vacation into a phenomenal one that may just become your new family tradition! Somehow, knowing you will be back again next year, and the next year and even the year after that makes leaving a little bit easier to handle! Experience a beach getaway today with 710 Beach Rentals!

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Classic Beauty

If it seems we can’t get enough of this beautiful town, appearances are correct! La Jolla offers that extra something that can’t be explained with mere words. As you arrive in town for the start of your California adventure, however, it will soon become clear: This is about to become the vacation you only dreamed was possible. Bonfires on beaches tucked away at the base of rocky cliffs, sunsets that explode in the sky in a fiery blaze of color only to fade away into a deep midnight blue sprinkled with the lights of a billion stars—the beauty that awaits you in La Jolla won’t just take your breath away, it will stop you in your tracks, rendering you incapable of moving for at least a few seconds or so!

Elegance La Jolla Vacation Home Rentals

There are many aspects involved in creating the perfect La Jolla vacation home rentals; it’s more than just throwing together some furniture, appliances, and a few pots, pans, and dishes and calling it a day. It’s knowing how to combine the above-mentioned items in a way that is elegant, charming, and most importantly, extremely comfortable!

Our La Jolla vacation homes for rent are designed for families with high end tastes. Wood floors feel cool beneath bare feet and lead the way to fully equipped kitchens filled with name-brand appliances, granite countertops, and custom cabinetry. But it’s the wine rack that shows we know what people need in their vacation homes!

Living areas are large and bright and filled with comfortable and inviting furnishings and large flat screened televisions perfect for a family movie night on those rare times you want to stay in and relax. The bedrooms in our La Jolla, California vacation rentals are spacious and serene, with soft beds that allow for long nights of restful and dream-free sleep. The bathrooms are spa-like and filled with generously sized towels and luxury bath items, with the occasional deep tub perfect for soaking away the aches and pains of travel explorations! 710 Beach Rentals understands the needs of travelers, and it shows in our attention to the smallest of details.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

If you thought the interiors of our La Jolla vacation homes were something extraordinary, wait until you step out on the decks that surround these structures; you’ll find private courtyards with extra dining areas that are perfect for quiet dinners in the fresh air, lush landscaping, private pools, and hot tubs for soaking away sightseeing aches and pains. When you live in the lap of luxury, even the outdoors areas offer something extra! 

But Wait, There’s More!

It’s not just the style and luxury of our La Jolla vacation home rentals that make our properties the best in town: It’s the rooftop lounging areas that offer quiet places to celebrate another San Diego sunset and unparalleled views; it’s how you manage to find the perfect sized home close to all the places you plan on exploring during your stay; it’s our attention to detail. Our homes are sparkling clean and come with everything needed to make your vacation the dream it is meant to be!

Out and About in La Jolla

There’s always something fun to do on your California vacation, and when you’re in one of our La Jolla beach vacation rentals, the fun seems to increase exponentially. Keep it simple and quiet with a day spent lazing about on the deck of your home, followed by an innovative meal at Herringbone La Jolla, a local seafood restaurant located in a renovated 1930’s warehouse with soaring ceilings, wood floors, and live trees that grow inside the building! You can finish the evening back at your 710 Beach Rentals La Jolla vacation home with a glass of wine on the moonlit patio with the scent of the ocean tickling your nostrils.

Other options for an exciting night out on the town include a visit to the La Jolla Playhouse to watch one of their talented performances. Mike Birbiglia: The New One is on the marquis right now and promises to be his best show yet. It’s probably not news to golf fans that one of the best golf courses in the nation is located right here in La Jolla; Torrey Pines Golf Course is famous throughout the world for its manicured greens and stunning landscape. A day spent on this course could end up being the highlight of your stay in one of our La Jolla vacation home rentals!

Explore La Jolla

We’re proud to offer a vast selection of properties, including monthly, weekly, and long-term rentals. In addition, our beautiful vacation rentals are more isolated than hotel rentals and are regularly cleaned. Experience our luxurious La Jolla Beach vacation rentals—book yours today!