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Long Term Rentals Mission & Pacific Beach Housing

Long Term & Student Rentals

With beautiful homes in fantastic locations, it can be hard to get enough of our properties. That’s why we offer extended leases on many of our Mission & Pacific Beach housing options. We may not display the monthly rates for year-round rentals while you browse, but almost all will consider an extended stay. Whether you’re taking a year off work to decide what to do with your life or a student looking to rent while going to school, long-term Mission & Pacific Beach rentals provide a viable option for those who have taken a liking to our offerings.

Why Choose Mission & Pacific Beach Rentals?

What’s in it for you? Well, forgive us for taking yet another opportunity to boast of our amenities, but they really are top-notch. All of our Mission & Pacific Beach rentals are designed for quality living and set up with the notion that people coming here aren’t taking everything with them; this means they offer more space than a dorm, but unlike most apartments, are amply furnished. Kitchens come complete with stove, oven, dishes, and refrigerator. Bathrooms are spacious and relaxing. Wi-Fi is already set up. And of course, quick beach access is the norm.

What to Do

We guarantee you’ll never be bored in San Diego. There are opportunities around every corner to eat, drink and play. San Diego is a nationally renowned surfing town. You can surf all year round in San Diego, which is perfect for when you’re renting long term. There are festivals going on all year long, including arts, culture and food festivals. There’s Oysterfest, the San Diego International Film Festival, Fashion Week, Fleet Week, and San Diego Brew & Food Festival to name a few. Just outside your door, there are fantastic hikes in Torrey Pines State Park, Mission Trails Regional Park and Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve.

No matter what season you visit or how long you stay, there’s always something going on in San Diego.


When you lease a property from us, we’re counting on you to help us uphold our image as well as our property and to maintain our relationships with others in the area. Boisterous partying is forbidden, and property abuse is not tolerated. Relatedly, large security deposits are required. And, as tenants of Mission & Pacific Beach housing, you must be willing and able to maintain the property.

The Process

Due to the larger commitment involved, our process for long-term renting is not as streamlined as it is for vacation homes and condos. You’ll need to let us know your dates and budget first, so we can provide you the most suitable options for Mission & Pacific Beach rentals.

To respect the privacy of our current tenants, we will not allow viewings until after the applicant has been approved. To be approved, please provide the application information below for yourself and every potential tenant and send the information to mgmt@710br.com. This information should all be in a single e-mail:

  • Current residence, including landlord’s name, e-mail, and phone number (If current residence is not in San Diego, please provide last San Diego residence with landlord info. If current residence is campus housing, please provide RA contact info)
  • Date of Birth
  • School & Year (If a student)
  • Employer
  • Affiliations (i.e. Greek life, sports, clubs…etc.)

Please e-mail all of this information for each tenant to the e-mail provided to be considered. Thank you for your interest!

9 Month Lease Option Starting September 2019

Utilities included in Rent

2 Bedroom/ 2 Bathrooms- No parking, no washer/dryer, no closets
Rent: $3,000
Max occupants: 3