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Belmont Park Vacation Rentals in San Diego CA

There’s something wonderful about visiting a historic amusement park located on the boardwalk near an ocean. The smell of cotton candy intermingling with the salty scented ocean air. The sounds of happy laughter, scaring squeals, and chattering children competing with the roar of the roller coasters. The voices of the “carnies” loudly inviting you to win that stuffed bear for the little lady. The feel of the ocean breezes kissing your cheeks and whipping through your hair as you madly spin round and round on the teacups. THIS is what summer smells, sounds, and feels like, and when you rent a vacation rental in San Diego, CA near Belmont Park on Mission Beach, you have the opportunity to step back in time and be a child once again! Experience a beach getaway with 710 Beach Rentals!

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What Can You Expect From Vacation Houses for Rent in San Diego?

First of all, you can expect that your expectations weren’t high enough; these vacation rental homes in San Diego are absolutely wonderful in more ways than we can explain here! High-end materials, including wood floors, granite countertops, and custom cabinetry in the kitchens and bathrooms are your first clue that we’ve put a lot of thought into what makes our vacation rentals in San Diego CA a step above all the rest!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and many of our vacation rental homes in San Diego come with fully equipped kitchens with a little something extra: a view of the beach right outside your home! The furnishings in the living areas are plush and luxurious, with chenille-covered sofas, leather-covered easy chairs, and soft area rugs that protect the knees when gathered around the coffee table playing your favorite board or card game.

The bedrooms of our vacation rental homes in San Diego are decorated in serene colors to ensure your nights are restful, and so as not to take away from the star of the show: the view of the ocean outside your windows! Jetted tubs in the spa-like bathrooms help soothe tired muscles overworked from a day spent riding the rides at Belmont Park.

Walk Out the Door of Your Vacation Rental San Diego CA Home

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and clear, and the sounds of the park are ringing across the boardwalk. There’s no need to get in your car, just throw on your flip-flops and take a walk to the park—Belmont Park, that is! Hold your hands high in the air as you ride on The Giant Dipper, a roller coaster that has been the star of the park since opening day!

Take a bite out of that hot dog on a stick, dripping with mustard, as you watch your youngsters testing their skills on the climbing wall. Lose yourself in the arcade games of your childhood, where the thrill of tickets streaming out from the changing area of a skee ball game never gets old! And because you chose to rent a vacation rental in San Diego, CA within walking distance, you can have a beer or two or three; you’re not driving tonight!

It is almost an obligation to talk about the historic Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, but there are many more rides that will have you going again and again. The Beach Blaster is one of the favorites here. Think of a giant pendulum, at the end of which is a rotating head complete with seats that face inward. This amazing ride swings visitors back and forth, all the while rotating them. This adrenaline-pumping ride is simply so much fun.

Then there is the unique ride known as Control Freak. This ride rotates you around the small track, but you get to control the speed you are whizzing around at by leaning forward or back. You are sure to have never experienced anything quite like this ride. You will also find more heart-pumping rides along with bumper cars, and more casual rides for the young ones.

The rides are the real show here, but there are endless other ways to spend your time outside of those. Perhaps you could get a little friendly competition going with a game of laser tag. There is also endless shopping around the park, consisting of all local boutiques and surf shops. You can also find the Wave. This man-made, perpetual wave provides endless hours of fun as people try their hand or rather, their feet at riding the wave as long as possible. Simply having a drink on the patio and watching provides for an enjoyable day.

Then there are all the things that you will love about Mission Beach itself beyond the theme park. Mission Beach is awesome because it has everything you need, so you have never had to leave town. Simply walking around, you will find groceries, charming markets, local surf shops, amazing restaurants, a couple of fun bars, and of course, the beach. You will never find a place that has quite the same vibe as this town in San Diego. It masterfully blends the rustic charm of east coach beach towns with the classic west coach beach feel. One thing is for sure, you will never want to leave.

Vacation Houses for Rent in San Diego Near Everything You Love

Then there are all the things you will love about San Diego beyond Mission Beach. For instance, only about a 10-mile drive away is the hustle and the bustle of downtown San Diego. One of the most unique cities in the country, you are sure to find a fresh take on classic cuisines, trendy bars, historic theaters, and much more. In the downtown area, you are never far from a good time, whether it be spent watching amazing performances or just enjoying a drink with friends.

Contact us to learn more about our vacation houses for rent in San Diego! We’re proud to offer a vast selection of properties, including monthly, weekly, and long-term rentals. Our beautiful vacation rentals are more isolated than hotel rentals and are regularly cleaned.