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Vacation House Rentals in San Diego Near SD Zoo Safari Park

You might be thinking what vacation condos for rent in San Diego have to do with the African safari? Well, most of us have had the dream of taking part in a real African safari. We imagine long days riding in the back of a khaki-colored jeep, bouncing around on dirt-covered roads, being chauffeured by whimsical guides who drive us right up to that mama lion and her adorable newborn cubs who are scampering around the plains looking for mischief. We can taste hearty meals cooked over a campfire, served with a wine that has been chilling in an icy cooler while we have been exploring. We revel in the thought of sleeping under a pristine white tent, being lulled to sleep by the sounds of the nocturnal animals roaming a completely safe distance away! The reality is most of us will never experience an African safari, but we can come as close to it as possible with a trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, near which we conveniently have managed to obtain quite a few vacation condos for rent in San Diego and vacation house rentals in San Diego in for your sleeping and bathing enjoyment! Experience a beach getaway today with 710 Beach Rentals!

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Wildly Comfortable Vacation House Rentals in San Diego

As much as we crave adventure, the creature comforts of our excellent vacation house rentals in San Diego can turn a great vacation into the vacation that ends all vacations! Your savage beast will be soothed by the plush and sumptuous materials topping our furnishings: leather barstool seats in our fully equipped kitchens, chenille sofas that are both inviting and comfortable in the living areas, and premium mattresses topped with high thread count linens in the bedrooms. Our vacation condos for rent in San Diego near the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are like living on a safari with all the luxuries, including indoor plumbing in bathrooms with deep soaking tubs, perfect for washing away the aches and pains earned through your adventurous exploits in San Diego. If you want the campfire experience, you can grill fresh meat from the local butcher (Iowa Meat Farms at 6041 Mission Gorge Road is one of our personal favorites) on the gas grill located on the deck of your luxury vacation rental. When you’re ready to venture out from our vacation house rentals in San Diego and San Diego rental homes to vacation in, the Zoo Safari Park is right nearby!

Release the Beast!

When you venture out to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, your wildlife adventures begin! Choose your favorite style of safari: caravan, cheetah, cart, jungle ropes, flight-line, behind the scenes, roar and snore, or the Ultimate Safari, a personalized safari that lasts up to 5 hours and is designed by YOUR interests! View the lions, tigers, giraffes, cheetahs, and so much more in habitats that resemble their homeland as close as possible. Just remember, the only shooting here is the point and shoot you do with your camera. It’s a much more humane safari, don’t you think?

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It’s time to let your inner beast roar and there’s no better place to do so than in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park! Choose 710 Beach Rentals vacation condos for rent in San Diego for your next San Diego rental homes vacation and be wowed by the animals and amenities alike! We’re proud to offer a vast selection of properties, including monthly, weekly, and long-term rentals. In addition, our beautiful vacation rentals are more isolated than hotel rentals and are regularly cleaned.