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Vacation Rentals in San Diego, CA Near San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is celebrating its 100th year anniversary this year in 2016. It represents one of the most famous and well-run zoos in the world while boasting about a half million people as zoological members. The zoo itself sits on 100 acres of beautiful San Diego landscape where you will find 3,700 animals of all kinds and over 700,000 exotic plants. These animals represent around 700 species. A visit to the San Diego Zoo is sure to be fun and educational, and it is always a good time to spend a day outside in the beautiful San Diego weather. It is found in the large preservation area of Balboa Park about two miles north of downtown San Diego; fortunately, 710 Beach Rentals offers all the best vacation rentals in San Diego, CA within easy traveling distance! Click below to see some of our most amazing vacation rentals in San Diego CA near the San Diego Zoo! Trust us; you’ll be happy you did!

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More to Do Near San Diego Zoo

But the zoo itself is only one aspect of what makes a San Diego vacation so fun and exciting. As this is one of the most visited places in the country, you can be sure that there is no shortage of things to do and see here. Firstly, you can enjoy endless stretches of amazing beaches and bays. You can go sailing or deep-sea fishing, as well as surfing or sunbathing. Regardless of your preferences, there are endless beach and ocean activities available for your endeavor. Only two miles from the zoo, you will find charming restaurants and shops and the great nightlife in downtown San Diego. Throughout all of these sites and activities, you will be immersed in the beautiful weather and the fun energy that is ever-present in San Diego.

Vacation Rentals in San Diego, CA Close to San Diego Zoo

As this is a center of culture and tourism, you can be sure that you will find many vacation rentals in San Diego, CA available to you. 710 Beach Rentals offers a tremendous number of vacation rentals within 5 to 10 miles of The San Diego Zoo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Diego_Zoo). Whether you are staying in a single bedroom condo or you are coming with a large group to a 6-bedroom beach house, 710 Beach Rentals will provide amazing beachfront rental homes in San Diego perfect for your needs. You can find 710 Beach Rentals properties in La Jolla, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach, all of which offer you incredible access to the beach and all of the other fun things that San Diego offers. The properties are extremely well-appointed, fully furnished and stocked full of the top amenities that you would expect from a premier beach rental. You will also be met with friendly and thorough service throughout your stay from the professionals at 710 Beach Rentals.

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