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Swami Beach

Everyone loves Swami’s. The beach is beloved by surfers, who’ve made it a household name. But you’ll also find families lounging under umbrellas and yogis meditating at the nearby garden. The Beach Boys even mentioned Swami’s in their hit song “Surfin’ U.S.A.” Whether you’re a surfer or just someone looking for a good place to soak up the sun, give Swami Beach a try.

How to Get to Swami Beach

Swami Beach is on the southern end of Encinitas, a city north of San Diego. There is a parking lot on the bluff above the beach. There are picnic tables there if you want to sit and watch the surfers. If you can’t find parking in the lot, you can park along the highway just beyond the park. There is a restroom at the parking lot.

Beach Features

Swami Beach in San Diego is best known for its surfing. The beach is on par with Windansea in La Jolla and the Trestles. Swami Beach is just as good for surfing as it is for watching the surfers. The parking lot at Swami offers a great vantage point to watch the swarms of surfers trying to catch the waves. Warm summer days bring them out in full force. There are so many that when they crowd together, they make the water look as if it’s speckled with waterbugs. You can find tide pools at the beach when the tide is low.

What to Do Nearby

Visit the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple’s free meditation garden at 215 K St. to meditate, practice yoga, or just for the great ocean views. If you walk south along the beach, there are six stairways that lead to campsite at San Elijo State Beach. If you’re looking for a workout, these stairs are where it’s at.

We can’t wait for you to join us at Swami Beach in San Diego. Contact us today to find your dream vacation home in San Diego!