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Beachfront Ocean Beach Rental Properties

We wouldn’t specialize in beach rentals and put the phrase in our name if we didn’t think that shoreline living was the best you can get. We’re firm believers that seaside properties are the ultimate getaway—try out one of our beachfront Ocean Beach rental properties on your next vacation and you’ll be convinced too! San Diego’s gorgeous beaches and stretches of sea remain one of the prime attractions for tourists and locals alike. For most people, living on the ocean is an impossible dream for one reason or another—but stay in one of our oceanfront properties, such as our Ocean Beach rental homes, and you can taste the shoreline life for at least a few nights! Scroll down to learn more!

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All About Ocean Beach Rental Properties

The Pacific Ocean makes a great neighbor/yard, for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The scent of the sea spray is unforgettable and nostalgic for many who grew up going to the beach for vacation. The magnificent open waters are the ideal backdrop for the best sunsets California has to offer. The ocean waves rolling in and out are the epitome of relaxing white noise, perfect for maximizing your good night’s sleep. And during the day, you can take advantage of swimming, surfing, sand castles, and more, all while being close enough to walk home from!


Our oceanfront Ocean Beach rental homes come with all the standard properties: comfortable beds with fine sheets, spacious bathrooms, TVs for your enjoyment, and fully-stocked kitchens. It’s everything you need to enjoy your vacation, your way.

Why Ocean Beach?

Like Mission Beach, Ocean Beach is a popular subdivision of San Diego. It’s popular with pet-owners, as the Dog Beach is a renowned dog-friendly place where dogs can run about unleashed. The Sunset Cliff National Park also makes for a pleasant daytime excursion, and as home of the Point Loma Lighthouse (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Point_Loma_Lighthouse), it boasts plenty of great photo opportunities to share with folks back home.

Why 710 Beach Rentals?

If you want someone who will take care of you and answer any questions you have, we’re the company to go through. We know the San Diego Area—particularly the coastline—inside and out, and have plenty of experience in the rental business. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will make sure you have the perfect stay. Your Ocean Beach rental property will be spotless and invitingly arranged so that you feel like a guest of honor the moment you approach the door. All appliances are checked to be in working order. The home is set up especially for your enjoyment, and we want you to feel that way.

Continue browsing our properties—if you haven’t found one you like yet, we’re sure you’ll find one. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 858-598-3137. Or if you prefer to chat online, just click on the tab in the lower-right of your browser window. We can’t give you the ocean, but with our gorgeous oceanfront properties, we can give you the next best thing!

If you’re interested in renting your own San Diego home, 710 Beach rentals can help! Call us today to improve your vacation rental earnings now.