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Best Beaches for Swimming in San Diego

Author 10-16-2019

The water here in San Diego is wonderful, and the beaches are our favorite part of the whole city. Every beach is different and has its own quirk. Take it from the experts—some of the beaches here are better for swimming than others! So, we’ve made a handy list for all you swimmers of the best beaches in San Diego for swimming:

Coronado Beach

This expansive municipal beach encompasses four different beach areas, from Centennial Park to Tidelands Park to Coronado City Beach to Glorietta Bay Park. It’s easy to get to, perfect for families, and there’s even a pet-friendly section for those with fuzzy family members. This picturesque beach has been the locale for swimming scenes in films, and it’s not hard to see why when it’s this beautiful.

Ocean Beach

You’ll find the Ocean Beach Pier here, which makes for a lovely scenic backdrop behind the waves. You can fish and surf here too, but swimming is one of the most fun things you can do at this beach. You’ll find you’re not alone in wanting to take advantage of the calm waters that grace the soft white sane here at Ocean Beach.

Tourmaline Surfing Park

This would be considered a surfing beach, which actually makes it one of the best beaches in San Diego for swimming. Why is that? Because there are fewer swimmers here, of course! Have the water and the sand all to yourself at Tourmaline, our tranquil hidden gem beach. If you want a peaceful and quiet swim, this is the beach for you. Take it as a tip from the locals.


This beach is a local treasure. You might have to drive farther north to get to it, but it’s so very worth it for the experience. Swim in the Elijo Lagoon, watch the surfers go by, and when you tire of swimming, take advantage of the fire rings and picnic tables.

Mission Beach

This is one of the more crowded beaches, but it draws a crowd for a reason! Swimming conditions are great here, and not only that, but it’s conveniently situated right next to the retro beachside amusement park Belmont Park, and the lovely Ocean Front Walk.

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