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Coronado Bridge

See an Architectural Wonder at the San Diego Coronado Bridge

The San Diego Coronado Bridge, or just Coronado Bridge, is a concrete and steel girder bridge that links San Diego with Coronado and expands over the San Diego Bay. The bridge was constructed as a part of State Route 75 as a way to cut across the San Diego Bay Area. The Bridge was opened to traffic in August of 1969 during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of San Diego.

Construction of the Bridge

The Coronado Bridge is a highlight of the San Diego Bay view, giving the bay an interesting look, similar to that of the Golden Gate Bridge on a smaller scale. The bridge was constructed out of 20,000 tons of steel and 94,000 cubic yards of concrete. To add to the concrete girders, 900,000 cubic yards of fill was dredged and the caissons for the towers were drilled and blasted 100 feet into the bed of the bay. The bridge was designed to withstand the constant pull and push of the tide combined with the harsh salt water and wind. The bridge was made in such a way that the road looked as if it floated above the water.

Myth & Media

This illusion led to a popular myth that the bridge was designed to float if it ever collapsed. The myth goes that if the bridge collapsed, it would float on top of the bay, allowing rescue and cleanup crews to simply push the debris out of the way for easy rescue and clean up. This story is false and has been confirmed so by the bridges builder and architect.

The Coronado Bridge has attracted a lot of jumpers due to its height. The Coronado Bridge is listed as the third deadliest suicide bridge in the USA, only trailing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Aurora Bridge in Seattle. This disturbing fact has brought Coronado Bridge into the works of fiction. The TV show Veronica Mars has a tragic death in the back story. The mother of main character, Logan Echolls, is believed to have committed suicide by jumping off the bridge. The bridge is seen in the episode “Clash of the Tritons.”

The Coronado Bridge is a beautiful feat of engineering and design that is worth the view. The bridge can be seen from a lot of places in the city and makes for a beautiful part of the bay.