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Day Trips Near San Diego

Author 07-31-2018

People rarely think about day trips near San Diego, simply because there is so much to do right here in the city. Nonetheless, there are so many unique opportunities that are only a short drive away. Once you have explored the beaches, walked the downtown area, and seen the sights, you should consider exploring some of the amazing places near San Diego. The following are some of the coolest day trips you can take around San Diego.

Head to The Julian Pie Company

Julian is beautiful town that lies 60 miles to the east of San Diego. It sprouted up as a gold mining town in 1870, and still carries the unique charm of the old west. Since then they have found their new gold in endless apple orchards and the incredible apple pie that results. Spending a day here is always fun, but the Julian experience is incomplete without trying some of their famous apple pie, which is sure to be among the best that you have ever tried. There are a few places to get it, but The Julian Pie Company is among the favorites here on Main Street.

Head Down to Tijuana

One of the great things about San Diego is its proximity to the Mexican city of Tijuana. This provides a great opportunity to delve into a completely unique culture. While the city is not exactly as “nice” as San Diego, a visit here always provides an unforgettable experience. Among many interesting opportunities, you will find awesome shopping, bars, clubs, and tacos that you just cannot find in San Diego. Tijuana has not always been known as the safest place, but in the last 10 years, it has become a place where tourists can find a fun and safe experience.

Wine Tasting in Temecula

Temecula is about 50 miles from San Diego, and to many people’s surprise, the city is producing some of the finest wines in California. As such, it is the best place in Southern California for a wine tasting day trip. You can find countless wineries and tasting rooms along the Rancho California Road, making it very easy and convenient to navigate between unique wineries.

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