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Enjoy a San Diego Vacation While Working Remote

Author 09-09-2020

Dedication, organization, and focus are just a few of the traits employees across the country implement day in and day out to reach professional goals in the office. As they strive to make the most of careers and turn aspirations into reality, there’s often a certain set of steps or protocols that are in place to help get them there. For many, this requires a daily effort to make their way to the office, meet project deadlines, and network with individuals with knowledge and insight to offer. All of these steps towards professional success come with an unspoken understanding that work life and home life are separate entities to tackle—so what happens when they collide?

Enter 2020. The year of the unexpected in nearly every single way. While COVID-19 made headlines across the globe with one unpleasant surprise after another, the one constant seemed to be employer efforts to move employees out of the office and into a remote working environment. In the name of safety and health, cubicles and conference rooms were swapped out for laptops, living rooms, and Zoom calls. All of a sudden, the traditional comforts, expectations, and conveniences of the office were gone and in their place, bedrooms, closets, or even the kitchen table were transformed into makeshift workspaces. For those with families at home, the challenge only grew. How does an employee turn home into work while maintaining family balance and keeping online school running smoothly? The questions built up, the pressure mounted, and in its wake—stress inevitably follows.

A Positive Spin on 2020

Yes, the changes have been too many to count this year—but at 710 Vacation Rentals, we’re looking for the positive points that inevitably exist within the chaos. Especially when it comes to those employees who have been moved from standard offices to remote platforms, we see a lot of potential for a rejuvenating experience ahead. Taking time to step back and evaluate this new setting might just open your eyes to the possibilities that lie with remote work opportunities. Instead of 8 hours a day spent within the walls of an office building, employees now have the flexibility to take their work on the road! You don’t have to cancel that vacation you planned earlier when you can simply pack up your laptop and make your way to a new destination where you can still get work done and find moments of inspiration as well. When you’re craving that getaway and have a remote work opportunity available—San Diego, California is the perfect place to let go of stress, remain productive, and still savor time away from the hustle and bustle.

Let San Diego Redefine Your Work and Life Experience

Known and loved for its chalk-white beaches, blue waves, and year-round sunshine, San Diego is a delightful destination no matter when you find yourself in southern California. When it comes to establishing a setting where you can meet work deadlines before heading out to hit the surf in style, this is the place to be. At 710 Vacation Rentals, we’re proud to be able to offer traveling remote workers a place to stay in San Diego that doubles as an office and a vacation destination. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious condo, a large home for the entire family, or a stunning oceanfront abode, our portfolio of property options is sure to have what you’ve been searching for. While the furnishings promise to be tasteful and comfortable and the view will inevitably be inviting, we’ve also incorporated the details that matter when you’re working while traveling. Guests who book a San Diego vacation rental with us can enjoy the use of Wi-Fi and high-speed internet connections, making keeping in touch with colleagues easier than ever. Large flat-screen televisions in many of our properties make it simple to stream video calls while properties with built-in offices provide the comfort and privacy you deserve. When it’s break time, make your way to a fully equipped kitchen and serve up your favorite snack in an environment that’s stylish, tranquil, and entirely to your liking.

Savor the San Diego Experience

While elegant extras in our properties such as vaulted ceilings, stainless steel appliances, leather furnishings, and sprawling balconies make for a welcoming stay, those guests that choose to work and travel with 710 Vacation Rentals will also enjoy proximity to the best of San Diego fun. Keeping far from the crowds in the age of COVID-19 doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of San Diego’s spectacular scenery. When you’ve put the finishing touches on that work project for the day, make your way out and enjoying time on the water kayaking, paddleboarding, renting a pontoon, or snorkeling in the blue waters. A stroll through Seaport Village is sure to delight while those with a passion for wildlife will enjoy a private tour of the San Diego Zoo with an advanced booking. Needing time with your toes in the sand? Head over to La Jolla Cove and watch the waves roll in from the comfort of a lounge chair.

A San Diego Vacation is Calling

This year hasn’t been easy, but taking the time to take your work on the road and enjoy a vacation somewhere inspiring can be the bright spot you deserve. Contact 710 Vacation Rentals today to learn more about our many San Diego vacation rentals and to start planning your getaway.