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Watch the Pros Play at the Farmers Insurance Open

In late January of each year, professional golfers come from all over the country to play in San Diego’s Farmers Insurance Open—a prestigious PGA Tour tournament hosted on Torrey Pines Golf Course. Renowned for its beauty and significance in PGA history, Torrey Pines presents an exhilarating challenge to PGA pros and amateur golfers alike.

Catch a glimpse of the action from the bleachers located on the 8th green and the 18th fairway, or watch the tournament “parade style” by picking a spot and observing the players who pass by. You can also watch the events “cross-country style,” in which you follow your favorite pro golfer or group around the course.

When you’re not watching the excitement on the course, you can take part in the festivities put on by multiple sponsors, from live music and quality drinks, to fan-friendly expos where you can try out the latest and greatest in golf gear.

Team Up with a Pro and Play in the Pro-Ams!

Avid golf fans can play alongside their PGA idols in the tournament by signing up for the Pro-Ams, in which an amateur golfer is paired with a professional golfer by a computerized lottery drawing. During the Pairings Party on the night before, you can meet, greet, and mingle with living golfing legends before the Pro-Am games begin!

710 Beach Rentals Opens the Door to the Farmers Insurance Open!

Our dedicated 710 Beach Rentals reservation specialists can give you insight into attending the Farmers Insurance Open, as well as other events in the San Diego area when you book your vacation rental accommodations with us today!

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