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Isolated San Diego Activities

Author 07-31-2020

San Diego is an exciting and scenic city that calls to travelers from across the map in droves year after year. While it’s decidedly a place that beckons to those looking to enjoy fun outdoor adventure alongside fine dining and shopping options, it can just as easily fit the expectations of those looking to savor a more isolated stay. When you’re hoping to keep far from the crowds while still enjoying the city’s special ambiance, be sure to add the following San Diego activities to your customized itinerary.

Book a Fishing Charter

One of the ultimate routes to staying far from the crowds while still enjoying the scenery is to get out on the water. One of the best routes to enjoying time on the water safely is to book a private fishing charter while you’re in town. Consider planning your adventure with the team at Fishing Charters of San Diego for a long list of options ranging from near-shore excursions to deep-sea fun. Guests can book their trip for a few hours, a half-day or full-day of fishing depending on their preference. Either way, you’ll be on the hunt for halibut, sea bass, shark, and marlin alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Hike the Trails

San Diego is known and loved for its beaches, but it’s also an oasis of potential when it comes to hiking. The terrain is in fact dotted with a maze of hiking trails worth exploring when you’re excited to head out solo and commune with nature one step at a time. Those who are looking for the reward of sweeping views at the end of their trek will enjoy a trip through Annie’s Canyon while they’re in town. Complete with sand dunes and rugged walkways, this 2-mile loop takes hikers through Solana Beach and promises lagoon and ocean views along the way.

Find Time to Dine on the Water

While the city of San Diego is certainly packed with savory restaurants that are worth enjoying, the independent traveler looking for a way to enjoy palate-pleasing moments away from the crowd will want to consider booking a private sailing excursion during their visit. Experiences that are booked through Sail Away San Diego can be customized to include onboard dinner options as well. Whether you plan to learn to sail, can’t wait to sightsee, or are focused on the flavor and view, these personalized trips are sure to please.

Visit Sunset Cliffs

Accessed near Point Loma, Sunset Cliffs is an appropriately named secluded Beach in San Diego that offers up a sense of off-the-beaten-path tranquility paired with stunning surroundings. Find your place in the sand away from more popular beach destinations and feel free to spend an afternoon listening to the waves roll gently in. Don’t be surprised if you have a few more visitors during the evening hours as Sunset Cliffs is a delightful destination to watch evening colors stretch across the California sky.

Book a Personal Zoo Tour

The San Diego Zoo is a vibrant destination designed to highlight wildlife conservation at its finest and year-round it’s a popular place for large groups to gather and enjoy. However, those individuals hoping to experience the zoo without the stress of contending with large numbers of others can make the most of booking a private VIP tour experience while they’re in San Diego. This reservation gives guests the privilege of touring the grounds at less populated hours alongside a personal guide. It also offers up options to see behind the scenes feedings and enclosures that are otherwise closed to the general public.

Tour a Gold Mine

While the above-ground adventures in San Diego are thrilling and the on-the-water options are impressive, the lesser-known yet just as exciting options may lie below the ground. Situated in nearby Julian is the opportunity to visit and tour an 1870s gold mine for an admission price of only $10 per guest. This unique destination was first opened to visitors back in 1968 and today, continues to thrill with guided tours that lead underground through more than 1,000 feet of rock tunnels. Adding to the fun is the fact that during the tour, guests can learn about and see examples of mining techniques that were once used in this area as well as get a close up look at the equipment that made it possible.

Enjoy Your California Adventure

Whether you’re here for an isolated stay or can’t wait to get out and explore alongside friends and family, the team at 710 Vacation Rentals is ready and waiting to make sure you have just the right accommodations to match. We’re in the business of exceeding expectations and are proud to offer up a portfolio of rental property options across the city that can be customized to taste and style. Contact us today to learn more and to start planning your next trip to sunny California!