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Mission Federal Credit Union Art Walk

In a sometimes harsh and cruel world, art can smooth out the rough edges, leaving behind a smoother and softer space. This is something the Mission Federal Credit Union Art Walk has been doing for 35 years. Held on the weekend of April 27th and 28th in Little Italy, this annual celebration of art isn’t limited to paint on canvas; all genres of art, including photography, music, and dance, are offered up for your viewing pleasures. Admission is free, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your wallet behind. There’s a really big chance of finding more than a few things you simply can’t live without!

Experience the MTS Trolley

17 blocks of Little Italy are going to be filled with art work, live performances, and in one particularly noteworthy case, a free 5-minute session with an artist who will offer advice or compliments-your choice. What you won’t find in this spectacular art extravaganza is easy parking, so do yourself a favor as a visitor to a new and unfamiliar city and take the MTS Trolley Greenline and be “chauffeured” in style!

Art Encompasses a Myriad of Genres

And every genre can be experienced in this super-sized art walk. From acrylic painting to printmaking to woodworking to street art, some artist somewhere will enter his pieces with the hopes of finding fame and eventually fortune. Every year, the Mission Federal Credit Union Art Walk sponsors pick eight exceptionally talented artists to spotlight their work, and every year, it gets more difficult to narrow down their choices to only eight. This year’s featured artists include American photographer John Straub, whose colorful photos will feed your soul as you are introduced to the world of flashy automobiles and barren landscapes photographed in black and white.

A special interactive art project will take the show by storm, offering all art walk participants the chance to add their touch to a unique mural. The 2018 Business of Art Scholarship Winner will be on hand and displaying the art that won her the honor in Tent 619. And because no one understands the term starving artists better than, well, you know, starving artists, 23 talented and generous artists will be donating a portion of their sales to Art Reach, a non-profit program dedicated to helping keep art in the schools in these times of severe budget cuts. The Kids Walk is a shorter version of the Mission Federal Credit Union Art Walk, introducing thousands of budding artists to a world they may not have known about otherwise!

Sleep Hard

You’ll be doing a lot of walking over these two days, so plan on bringing your best walking shoes and comfortable clothes. Most importantly, plan on sleeping hard in one of the most comfortable beds you’ve ever experienced. Our 710 Beach Rentals premium vacation rentals are the perfect place to fall asleep with visions of artwork dancing in your head-reserve yours today!