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Natural San Diego: Top San Diego Natural Attractions

Author 06-13-2017

San Diego is great for nature-lovers—and not just because of our world-famous zoo! You might be surprised to find out that in a city as large as San Diego, there are actually plenty of awesome San Diego natural attractions if you love nature. And with our exceptional geography, you can truly have it all—from beaches to mountains!

Torrey Pines State Reserve

Lying between La Jolla and Del Mar, Torrey Pines also boasts a state reserve that includes gorgeous stretches of beach and greenery. Walk along the nature trails, winding through the cliffs as the view of the sea stretches out before you. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the ocean without the gaggle of snack bars, volleyball players, surfers, and fishermen, then Torrey Pines State Reserves is a must-see during your stay!

San Diego Botanic Garden

If you’re looking for a place to not only enjoy nature but study it as well, why not try out San Diego’s Botanic Garden in Encinitas? Plants make up a huge portion of our ecosystem after all—wouldn’t it be nice to get a chance to learn more about them? The impressive collection of plants here are all well marked, and the helpful staff will sate your curiosity on every flower and shrubbery. Visit here before your next hike, and see how much you can remember out in the wild!

South Fortuna Mountain Trail

If you like your nature to come with a side of exercise, head to the South Fortuna Trail. It’s a moderately difficult hike—six miles with 1.5k feet of elevation gain—in Mission Trails Regional Park. There are numerous trails here though, so be sure you take a map! The trail is particularly beautiful when wildflowers are blooming and coat the mountainside in color.

Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserves

Near where CA-56 and the I-15 converge, you’ll find 4,000 acres of preserved land, including canyons and greenery: Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve. It includes trails for both hiking and biking, but make sure your bike is up to the task: while most trail are largely flat, the gravel can be pretty large. If you wonder what San Diego looked like before developers came in, this might be your best place to look!

Cuyamaca Peak Loop Trail

Follow the I-8 east out of the city for a ways, then head north on CA-79 to find Cuyamaca Peak Trail, home to beautiful mountaintop views! This moderately difficult hike has several paths to choose from, and includes forests as well as granite rocks. It’s one great excuse to get away from the city for a day, and your hiking shoes will have paid for themselves with the far-reaching views from the trails.

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