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Plan a Fun Fall Getaway to San Diego

Author 09-14-2020

Sensational weather, clear skies, and a long list of options for fun define the San Diego experience year-round, and a trip this way in the fall is no exception to the rule. This sunny, Southern California destination is loved by travelers from near and far for its versatile lineup of activities. Whether you’re one for city-center fun ranging from museums, galleries, restaurants, and shops or you’re a traveler that prefers time immersed in the great outdoors, San Diego offers up a plethora of options that are sure to inspire. When you’re in the process of planning that fun fall getaway to San Diego, be sure not to leave these activities off the list!

Snorkel with Leopard Sharks On Your Getaway to San Diego

Snorkeling is an amazing activity to enjoy whenever you happen to be in San Diego but those that love underwater adventures in the fall will want to set their sights on La Jolla in particular. With the summer crowds long gone, autumn is the time to take advantage of observing the collection of Leopard Sharks that inhabit these waters this time of year without so many other people to contend with. These harmless creatures are fascinating to watch from above during their migration period which lasts from August to October and makes for a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy while you’re here!

Hike the Sunset Cliffs Coastal Trail

Whether you’re looking to make the most of a spectacular California sunset or are simply looking to indulge in a fantastic mid-day view, a hike along the Sunset Cliffs Coastal Trail is sure to be a highlight of your stay. Located along Ladea Street, this trail is integrated into the Sunset Cliffs Natural Area which covers more than 68 acres of land along the coast. Hikers will enjoy trekking a trail that offers up sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean as well as sightings of sea caves, arches, and inspiring bluffs. The Ladera Street access point to this area and connected trail is particularly popular amongst visitors looking for that idyllic sunset viewing spot in the evenings when colors stretch across the sky and waters.

Visit Torrey Pines State Nature Preserve

A day on the beach in San Diego is always a treat but when that beach experience can be combined with hiking, biking, and exploring—all the better. For the autumn traveler to San Diego looking for a comprehensive place to make the most of the great outdoors, time spent at Torrey Pines State Nature Preserve is sure to please. This sprawling area of protected land is a great place to bring the entire family and spend some quality time picnicking, bird-watching, hiking the trails, or simply sitting back and enjoying the lush views. Torrey Pines State Nature Preserve also offers up the option to enjoy time along the shoreline soaking up the sun or taking a dip in the waves. For those looking for even more educational value to incorporate into their visit, make sure to swing by the preserve’s on-site Nature Center. The Torrey Pines State Nature Preserve also hosts a variety of educational programs throughout the year, making it a destination worth keeping an eye on the event calendar for when your travel brings you this way in the fall.

Explore Cabrillo National Monument

The fall traveler to San Diego with a heart for history will find this season to be the best time to enjoy a visit to the iconic Cabrillo National Monument. Celebrating Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s landing in 1542, this monument towers over San Diego Bay and makes for a meaningful stop. The monument is open to the public daily between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and a visit this way comes with the added bonus of access to nearby sea caves and sweeping ocean views.

Bike Rose Canyon

Fantastic San Diego weather lends itself nicely to time on two wheels. When you have a passion for cycling as a means to making the most of the landscape and view, time spent on the Rose Canyon Trail is a great idea. This paved pathway is wonderful for cyclists of all ages and skill levels and provides over a mile of terrain to enjoy at your own pace.

Kayak Oceanside Harbor

If you’re more the type of San Diego traveler to take to the waves in the fall, be sure to put a kayak in at inviting Oceanside Harbor while you’re in town. This vibrant destination is also dotted with delightful beaches and is a great locale when you’re hoping to enjoy leisure time on the water taking in the sights of the shoreline and keeping your eyes peeled for marine life towards the horizon as well.

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