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Rainy Day Activities in San Diego

Author 07-21-2021

It is no secret that San Diego is the top destination here in Southern California. Our beautiful city is full of incredible attractions and activities that are sure to make your stay memorable. Locals and visitors also typically know that Southern California can see its fair share of rainy days throughout the year. Whenever that occurs, make sure you visit one of the many indoor attractions in the area. These will keep you trip full of fun and excitement while you wait for the rain to go away. Take a look at some of our favorite rainy day activities in San Diego:

Visit the Indoor Attractions at Balboa Park

Perhaps the biggest and most popular attraction here in San Diego is Balboa Park. This vast park is full of several different attractions with San Diego Zoo being the most famous. While the zoo is an outdoor attraction, there are several indoor attractions for you to visit. The first is the San Diego Air & Space Museum that highlights our country’s history of flight. You will explore interactive exhibits that showcase San Diego’s history with the Navy and its work on developing flight. Learn about our country’s first space flights and even see actual Navy bombers and flight balloons. Expect to easily spend hours in this infamous museum.

Another favorite here at Balboa Park is the Natural History Museum that is full of exhibits showcasing Southern California’s rich natural history. Expect to find giant displays of dinosaurs and gemstones mined in the area. A variety of films on display will showcase these incredible beasts and the underwater oasis that surrounds San Diego.

For traditional art galleries you cannot go wrong with a visit to the San Diego Museum of Art. You can view incredible works of art such as sculptures, paintings, and more. For more photographic artwork, stop in the Museum of Photographic Arts, also in the area. All of these museums are available to stop in on a rainy day right here in San Diego.

Visit the USS Midway Museum

Another great attraction to visit on a rainy day is the USS Midway Museum. While part of the museum is outdoors on top of the ship, the rest is all indoors. Beat the usual crowds by visiting on a rainy day and explore the interior of this vessel. This retired aircraft carrier is a joy to see for individuals of all ages. Learn all about 50 years the ship was in service that included multiple wars and campaigns it took part in. You can’t go wrong with exploring the vast interior space of the USS Midway Museum.

Stop by the Birch Aquarium

While the San Diego Zoo may be an outdoor only attraction you can spend some time indoors inside the Birch Aquarium. As mentioned, San Diego has its own personal paradise deep beneath the waters. The Birch Aquarium has plenty of incredible aquatic life found in interactive exhibits on display. Expect to find live tide pools and exhibits that show off amazing creatures such as seahorses, rays, sharks, and much more. Come visit around sundown where you can get some of the best views of the coastline sunsets in the city. No bad weather can keep these incredible creatures away when you stop in the Birch Aquarium.

Do Some Indoor Shopping

Vacation has never been a bad time for some shopping on a rainy day. San Diego features plenty of indoor shopping areas such as the Westfield Mission Valley. This indoor shopping mall can be found in Mission Valley. In between your shopping, stop by the movie theatre to catch the latest flick or stop by the ice rink for some indoor ice skating. Individuals of all ages can find something to do in this popular shopping center. You can also stop by Seaport Village for even more shopping and dining options. This seaside mall features indoor and outdoor areas that you can easily explore on a rainy day. The fish market is the perfect place to find something for dinner or stop by Hess Brewery to grab a pint as you wait out the rain. All of the dining shops provide options for day time snacking or to sit down and have a meal. Either way you cannot go wrong with some shopping right here in San Diego!

Your Time Here in San Diego

As you can see, there are plenty of options for the occasional rainy day here in San Diego. Spend your time with these exciting activities before the skies clear up again for your outdoor activities. You can prepare for your stay by reserving one of our fine vacation rentals. Each of our properties are featured in desirable San Diego neighborhoods keeping you close to where you want to spend your time at.