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San Diego Activities for a Solo Traveler

Author 02-10-2020

Flying solo is a great way to experience San Diego. There’s so much to do here, and when you’re alone, you can often get a lot more San Diego activities packed into your day! Whether you’re here for a whirlwind weekend of fun or a long business trip, you’ll want some solo activities to do in town. Here are a few of our favorites:

Visit U.S.S. Midway Museum

One of the best things you can do while traveling solo are things you can’t do while traveling in groups. The more people you have, the harder it is to visit museums. Take advantage of the alone time to visit U.S.S. Midway Museum and explore at your own pace. At this museum you’ll find many exhibits featuring historical relics, theaters, and even a flight simulator. Make sure to catch the Midway Stories exhibit, where you’ll hear moving tales of U.S. heroes: aviators, sailors, and marines who have dedicated their lives to defending our home.

Go Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the best ways to spend any morning or afternoon in San Diego. Whale watching season here runs from December to April, so it’s the prime time to catch sight of these majestic creatures as they pass through on their migrations. On a whale watching tour, you’ll head out to sea with an experienced guide who will teach you about all the sea life that you encounter. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the rolling of the waves, and the sights of the sea itself.

Hike La Jolla Trail

The view here is to die for, and the hike isn’t too difficult. It’s a bit of a workout, but nothing too strenuous, and it’s worth it for the majestic cliffs and the sparkling view of the ocean. This is an especially lovely place to go at sunrise or sunset, when the sky changes color and transforms the landscape into something magical.

Take a Haunted Ghost Tour

If you’re looking for a wacky and fun activity to throw into your vacation, take a ride on the Ghost Coach with Haunted San Diego Ghost tours. You’ll start in the El Campo Santo Cemetery in Old Town, and hit other allegedly haunted attractions such as Sherman Heights, the Gaslamp District, before returning to the cemetery. This is quite a unique way to learn some of the weirder history of San Diego.

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