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San Diego Beerfest

In San Diego, we don’t mark the changing of the seasons with a change in temperatures, but rather with which festival we will be celebrating next, and if its fall, it is time for our most favorite festival of all: the San Diego Beerfest! With beer rapidly rising in the popularity ranks, it is ok to be loud and proud of your favorite beverage, and if you’re planning on a fall vacation in San Diego, you should plan your stay for the weekend of September 22nd. Ticket prices range from $30 for the designated driver (we suggest a rideshare or taxi if all the over 21s in your group love their beer) up to $75 for VIP Early Admittance. Located at the Broadway Pier, 1000 N Harbor Drive in downtown San Diego, you’re going to want to get here early and stay late, because there will be a LOT of beer to drink in a very short time!

Cancer Sucks

At the San Diego Beerfest, t-shirts and tank tops will be on sale for $20 for those interested in a souvenir, and because this worthy festival is devoted to wiping out cancer, you’ll be doing a good deed while having a good time! Sponsored by the non-profit association San Diego Professionals Against Cancer (SDPAC), proceeds will be donated to cancer research. Feel free to add your own extra donation through their website and Greater Good Realty will match yours dollar for dollar through the end of July.

Doing a Good Deed Can be Fun!

10 breweries (it’s still early, more will be added as the event date grows closer) will be offering hundreds of choices in craft beers for your drinking pleasures at the 2018 San Diego Beerfest, but that’s not the only reason you should take part in this worthy event. Live music will keep you entertained, $4 and $5 wine pours will be available for those who prefer the grape to the hop, and your admission price covers unlimited beer tastings! Toss in the unbelievably perfect San Diego weather, the opportunity to socialize with your fellow beer drinkers without being beer shamed, and the fact that at the end of this festival, you get to head home to your luxurious 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape, and you have yourselves what is often considered the unicorn of vacations!

More Than Your Money’s Worth

Our homes offer a little something you don’t often get these days: a whole lot of luxury for a very reasonable price! Pick up a couple of growlers from the Beerfest to enjoy on the back patio of one of our 710 Beach Rentals vacation homes and watch the sun set over the horizon as you contemplate the good feelings you get from doing your good deed of the week. Reserve yours today!