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San Diego Chargers Football

In a place that has as beautiful weather as San Diego does, it should be no surprise that we are also an avid sports city, claiming no fewer than three professional teams as our own. The Padres (MLB), the Gulls (hockey), and the San Diego Chargers, the world’s best American football team (yes, you heard us!). Getting their start in 1960 in Los Angeles, it didn’t take the Chargers long to decide San Diego was where they wanted to be, making the big move in 1961. Our Chargers are intelligent men, don’t you think?

The Team

Based out of Qualcomm Stadium at 9449 Friars Road in San Diego, the team has had a variety of nicknames over the years, including the Bolts and the San Diego Super Chargers. Having never won a Super Bowl, their Hall of Fame members include seven players and one coach, Sid Gillman (he coached from 1960-1969 and then again in 1971).

Considered one of the most talented teams to have never won a Super Bowl, San Diegans and fans nationwide have faith that their team is destined to win one day soon. This loyalty is being rewarded, after talks of moving to Los Angeles recently turned to talks on how to get our boys to stay. The November ballot has plans for a new stadium to be built in the East Village in downtown San Diego, to be funded by a 1.5-billion-dollar bond tax hike. It’s going to pass; we want our boys to stay!

The Stadium

Built in 1967, Qualcomm Stadium is a multi-purpose one that hosts the Poinsettia Bowl as well as being host to the San Diego State Aztecs and the San Diego Chargers football teams. Originally named the San Diego Stadium until the death of the local and much loved Jack Murphy in 1980, it was changed to the Jack Murphy Stadium in his honor. It became the Qualcomm Stadium in 1997.

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