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San Diego Festival Guide

Author 08-04-2017

There’s never a shortage of things to do in San Diego, and some weeks are even more exciting than others! If you’re looking for an event to set your San Diego vacation apart from all others, check out one of these San Diego festivals:

San Diego Latino Film Festival

If you’ve ever been interested in Hispanic culture, this is one festival you need to check out. It celebrates Latino culture while also portraying the struggles unique to Latino cultures, both historically and today. But of course, like any great film festival, it also reaches at what makes us all human. The San Diego Latino Film Festival is nearing its 20th anniversary; it’s usually held in March.

Spring Busker Festival

Mid-April brings this delightful festival to Seaport Village. A busker is a street performer, usually a comedic one who incorporates all sorts of tricks. Previous buskers to take the Seaport streets include sword-swallowers, break dancers, unicyclists, jugglers, and more! The event is free to attend—though of course performers graciously accept tips!


While San Diego’s oysters may not be as famous as those of the Gulf states or New England, they make for a great excuse to have some fun! The festival happens each June, and while of course delicious oysters will be served, there’s much more: fantastic live bands will be playing, and there’ll be plenty of beer and food to enjoy—even for those who aren’t feeling shellfish! Admission averages about $40 to $50 for a single day.

Sun and Sea Festival

This July festival is centered around the Imperial Beach Sand Castle Competition, which brings together world-class sculptors to create some truly jaw-dropping feats of sand sculpture! The day includes a pancake breakfast, a parade, and a competition open to children ages 5 through 12. If you want something more exciting than the usual day at the beach, check out the Sun and Sea Festival.

San Diego Beer Week

San Diego loves and celebrates beer, especially the great creations that have arisen in its proud microbreweries. So much do we love this drink, that we take an entire ten days to celebrate it! Stay in San Diego in November to enjoy dozens of beer-related events, from tasting competitions to tours. All sorts of restaurants join in on the fun, so if you’re a connoisseur or just love an excuse to drink, mark San Diego Beer Week on your calendar!

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