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San Diego Greek Festival

When you live in paradise, people from all over the world flock to your city, determined to make it their new hometown. Some succeed, some fail, but the one thing that follows these proud and determined individuals is the ability to immerse ourselves into THEIR culture. We learn their languages, we copy their clothing styles, and we gorge ourselves on their foods! The San Diego Greek Festival is a perfect example of the melting pot our city has become over the years. Held the weekend of June 8th through 10th at the St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church of San Diego (3655 Park Boulevard), admission is free and the fun is endless!


To us, Greek food was created by the gods, and we have yet to taste a dish we don’t absolutely love. Fortunately, the Greek Festival offers the opportunity to taste the best of the best! From moussaka to gyros to feta fries and spanakopita, the savory dishes taste even better when accompanied by a fine Greek wine. Retsina is an acquired taste that we IMMEDIATELY acquired, and because man can not live on wine alone, a beer garden serving Greek beer, or ouzo, is also available. Be sure to save room for dessert, however, because if you skip the baklava and thiples, you really are going to hate yourself in the morning!


Greek music will be playing throughout the weekend at the main stage, and the Wine Bar and dancing lessons will be provided at noon. Greek dancing performances are also on the menu, allowing you to sit back with your ouzo, sipping and nodding your head at the talents of the young people whose only wish is to entertain. Beginning Sunday at 6 PM on the main stage, a traditional Greek music and dance performance promises to end the weekend with a bang, and although farewells can be sad, your vacation isn’t over yet; you still get to spend more time in your luxurious 710 Beach Rentals beachfront condo!

This Isn’t a Dream

Paradise is real and can be found in a combination of Greek food and luxury vacation accommodations. Spend your mornings sipping coffee on the balcony overlooking the sea and your nights sleeping deeply. Our beautiful vacation rentals homes were designed to give you a luxury experience you won’t find anywhere else; reserve yours today and let the fun begin!