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San Diego Holiday Guide: Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is a very popular holiday in San Diego. San Diego has a very large military population, both retired and active military. In respect for those who have served, Veterans day in San Diego has many events to honor service members. If you are in town for Veteran’s Day, we wanted to put together a guide to help you choose an event to attend. Here are a few of our favorite San Diego Veterans Day events.

San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade

The San Diego Veterans Day Parade is the largest San Diego Veterans Day celebration. Every year, over four thousand veterans, active military members, bands, floats and civic groups come together and celebrate Veteran’s Day in San Diego with a parade. Titled “A Tribute to the Guardians of Freedom,” the parade looks to recognize our veterans of every era and our serving soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, and coast guardsman. The parade is produced by Veterans Week San Diego, an all-volunteer team of veterans and citizens of all ages and walks of life that are dedicated to honoring veterans annually during this Veteran’s Week.

The parade will start on Harbor Drive and visitors will see the San Diego Veterans Day parade as it passes through a long row of grand stands, past Broadway, and past the USS Midway. The San Diego Veterans Day parade is about one mile total.

Veteran’s Day on the USS Midway

The USS Midway celebrates Veteran’s Day aboard its vast ship. The day starts at 10AM with a San Diego Blood Bank Blood Drive. At 11AM, visitors can view the San Diego Veterans Day Parade as it passes the ship. On the flight deck is a salute to service festival presented by NBC7. This event is free for veterans and their families all day.


El Camino High School and the San Luis Rey Rotary Club of Oceanside present their annual Veterans Day in the school auditorium, 400 Rancho Del Oro Drive. Entertainment is provided by the school’s band, choir, and dance and drama teams, along with the ROTC. The featured speaker from this past year was Sgt. Maj. Lonnie Travis from Camp Pendleton and a tribute to the late Jim Downs who started the event. The free community event hosts 100 veterans from WW II, Korea, Vietnam and recent conflicts.

If you would like more info on Veteran’s Day in San Diego and surrounding areas, or plan a trip over Veteran’s day, we would love to help. Please call our office for more info.