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Celebrate With These Great San Diego Memorial Day Activities

Author 05-07-2018

As Memorial Day comes around, we know it is the beginning of summer, but it is also an important day to remember those who have fought for our freedom. San Diego is the perfect place to celebrate because you can find countless ways to both have fun and spend time celebrating those brave individuals. Once you spend this holiday here, you will want to make it an annual tradition. The following are just a few things to do for this San Diego Memorial Day Weekend.

The USS Midway Legacy Week & American Freedom Festival

This event on May 28th provides for one of the best and most classic ways to celebrate this holiday as it allows serious moments along with light-hearted ones. The festivities begin at the San Diego Marina at 7:30 pm with an incredible flyover and a veteran speaker commemorating the true meaning of the holiday. Then the mood shifts to that of a celebration of the freedoms we enjoy. The main event is a rock show featuring members of classic bands like Santana, Boston, Journey, and more!

Plenty of Great Events for This San Diego Memorial Day Weekend

There are so many different ways you can celebrate this holiday because this is such a diverse city. Of course, you cannot go wrong with great food and festivities like you will find on May 28th at the SummerSalt Memorial Day Pig Roast. At Hotel Palomar beginning at 4 pm, visitors can enjoy a cozy poolside experience with drink specials and a slow-roasted pig. This event is $15 per person. Sing, Dance, Crawl is the premiere San Diego pub crawl and the perfect activity for this San Diego Memorial Day Weekend on May 28th. For $40 per person, you can spend the holiday enjoying some of the most unique downtown bars without lines, cover charges, or expensive drinks.

All of the Things You Love About San Diego

As summer is rolling around, it is a great time to be in San Diego for all of the things that the area is famous for! Starting with the obvious, the perfect way to spend Memorial Day is visiting the beach. This is an incredible way to experience this vibrant community and share in national pride. You can also find incredibly Memorial Day deals on some of the city’s classic attractions like SeaWorld and the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

In San Diego, it is incredibly easy to find a way to make this holiday a memorable one for you and the family, whether you are looking for a unique event for the day or a classic San Diego pursuit. Let this incredible city help you enjoy Memorial Day and all the other things to do in San Diego this weekend.

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