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San Diego Night Market

Summer nights in San Diego are meant for staying out late, watching the evening sky grow darker and darker. As the frenzied daytime hustle fades into the calm, serene noises of night, all feels right in our world. On Saturday, June 23rd, however, everything changes for a few short hours. From 5 PM until midnight, Convoy Street closes down for the 5th annual San Diego Night Market, and everyone who loves good food, live entertainment, and the opportunity to shop for Asian-influenced merchandise is planning to attend. Admission is free, leaving your budget clear for important stuff like souvenirs and sushi!

First There’s the Food

As we get older, if you want us to get out and do something on a regular Saturday night, there had better be food involved. And with the food they are offering at the San Diego Night Market, you had better believe you will find us there! Offering a diverse selection of foods, special deals at local bars, and even more discounts at the restaurants that can be found throughout the Convoy District, there is no way we can sample everything in just one night, but you know we’re going to try!

Asian Influence Makes It Special

Night markets are commonplace in the big cities of Asian countries, but here in the States, not so much. For one night out of the year, experiencing the Asian culture is as easy as taking a rideshare vehicle to the Convoy District (which happens to be conveniently located not that far from your 710 Beach Rentals home-possibly within walking distance!).

And Finally, the Entertainment

There’s not much we have to say about the entertainment other than listening to live performers play their hearts out under a nearly full moon (June 28th is when the moon will be completely full) is an experience you have to live through to fully appreciate. And whether you dance back to your luxurious 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape or simply click the Uber app on your phone, the perfect night will reach stellar new levels when your head hits the pillow that night. Our homes are made for your comfort and relaxation-reserve yours today!