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San Diego Oysterfest Music Festival

Have you ever stopped to consider the affect music has in your life? From the songs we learned to sing at the earliest ages to the awkward junior high school dances to the first concerts we attended as teens, music has always had the power to soothe the ragged feelings in our hearts. Today, the music may have changed from what we listened to as kids, but everything else has stayed the same, and a visit to Oysterfest Music Festival during your unforgettable San Diego vacation will add a little extra sparkle to your sightseeing activities.

Located at the Marina Embarcadero North Behind Seaport Village

This summer’s dates have yet to be determined, but this music festival, designed for the over 21 crowd only, showcases the talents of tomorrow’s biggest stars and has become a community staple since its first appearance in 2010. Just like the people who attended Woodstock in the summer of ’69 can tell their kids, grandkids, and GREAT grandkids that they were there when Jimi Hendrix played the American anthem with just a guitar, you’ll be able to tell your own children and future grandchildren about the time you went to the San Diego Oysterfest and saw Ghostland Observatory singing their first Top 10 hit!

And because nothing goes better with hot music than an ice-cold beer, the full bar on the premises ensures you will never go thirsty! By now you’re probably wondering about the name of this rock festival; who names a music fest after oysters? A concert festival where oysters may be the true headliners of the show! Featuring a shuck and suck contest and a menu with BBQ oysters, oyster shooters, and smoked oyster salad, let’s just say that a plethora of oysters will be had at your visit to the San Diego Oysterfest Music Festival! Keep checking their website for dates and ticket prices; this is one festival you won’t want to miss!

After Spending the Day Outside

You can’t help but feel a little grimy after spending the day banging your head and shucking and sucking fresh cold oysters, so the shower in your 710 Beach Rentals vacation home will be a heavenly escape. Many of our showers come with rainhead showerheads that make it feel as if you were bathing outside in the rain. After a long shower, wrap yourself in your softest jammies, pour a glass of wine, and head out to the balcony perched high above the Pacific Ocean, humming the last notes of your favorite song of the day. Reserve yours today and begin your summer vacation with a bang.