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San Diego Short Term Rental Regulations

What to Expect from the San Diego Short Term Rental Ordinance

On February 23, the San Diego city council passed a San Diego short-term rental ordinance to regulate the vacation rental industry. When enacted, property owners will have robust and strict rules to keep in mind in order to continue their rental operation within the laws of San Diego and Mission Beach.

These new additions range from restrictions on available licenses to putting hard limits on response times for maintenance and owner intervention on disturbances, all of which are very important to keep in mind if you own and vacation rent a property in the area. Navigating these new rules will require a local presence and a professional approach to management to ensure compliance. Owners that choose to dismiss new regulations risk losing the ability to vacation rent their property. 710 has been actively engaged in this process for years, and will remain involved to ensure homeowners are in the best possible position to continue vacation renting their home.

San Diego Ordinance Highlights

  • A cap on whole-home short-term rentals at 1% in the city of San Diego, Mission Beach excluded. Tier 3 license.
  • A cap on whole-home Mission Beach rentals at 30% of the community’s housing stock. Tier 4 license.
  • There are no caps for part-time rental operators that rent for less than 20 days per year. Tier 1 license.
  • There are no caps on home-sharing when the owner lives on-site. Tier 2 license.
  • Under the new ordinance, a local contact who is able to respond to a disturbance at the property in one hour or less is required. This will require someone be available at all times to monitor your property and respond.
  • Short-term rental owners are given a maximum of one license per person.
  • The ordinance creates a detailed Good Neighbor Policy along with strict enforcement guidelines, a fine structure for violations, and a license revocation.
  • Instates a yearly assessment of the program to determine if it is equitable and effective.

Steps Moving Forward

While there are still details that need to be finalized, these San Diego short-term rental regulations are scheduled to take effect in July 2022 and set clear limits on owner-managers looking to enter this market. As a property owner, these regulations are important to keep in mind when you are looking to rent out property you own in the San Diego area.

It's important to stay up to speed on this robust and changing new ordinance to ensure you are operating responsibly and legally.

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