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San Diego Spirits Festival

When the unbearable heat of summer is starting to get you down, you have two options: Huddle down in misery in the expensive air-conditioned comfort of your home, avoiding the outside as much as possible, or take a trip to San Diego, where the temperatures rarely get above 80! And if you time your vacation to coincide with the San Diego Spirits Festival, held on August 25th and 26th, your social network updates will be the envy of all your friends. This blissful festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary and takes place at the Port Pavilion Pier. Ticket prices will cost you $40 for the first day and $50 for the second day. These prices will increase as we get closer to August.

Everyone Deserves a Timeout from Reality

Life can be tough and unfair at times, but the San Diego Spirit Festival is like a reward for handling all that adult stuff the other 358 days of the year. Featuring bartender competitions (wasn’t there a movie about this at one time?), spirit tastings, seminars that will help you learn to make mixed drinks like a pro, spirit tastings, live entertainment, and parties with more spirit tastings, you might be able to tell what we’re excited for! This festival is your chance to do some serious research to determine what your favorite spirit might be. You may think you’re a whiskey or tequila fan, but after tasting your way through the Spirit Festival, you may decide that you’ve been lying to yourself all these years and it’s rum or scotch that gets your motor running in high gear! And because it’s not safe to taste a lot of spirits without food in your belly, many local restaurants will be on hand to share the best of their epicurean creations as well!

Taxi or Ride Share is the Best Option

Anytime alcohol is involved, it’s always the smart decision to leave the driving to others, and during your fabulous San Diego vacation this is no hardship at all. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you are transported to the festival and then back again to your luxurious 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape. Once home, you can sleep off the effects of your spirits exploration in serene and peaceful bedrooms with curtains or blinds that block out that pesky California sunshine. Our homes are designed with our guest’s utmost comfort in mind, and we leave no detail unattended. Reserve yours today!