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San Diego’s Ocean Beach

Author 10-07-2016

Looking for a traditional beach-going experience? Ocean Beach offers this and much, much more. Ocean Beach takes the idea of a beach day and turns it on its head by offering amenities above and beyond your traditional beach-going experience. Whether you are looking for a sandy day in the sun or the full Southern California surfing experience, Ocean Beach is the perfect destination for your next vacation.

About Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a small beach town that is a local favorite. Visitors can spend their day sunbathing, surfing, or just hanging out with a great bunch of people who love fun in the sun. Ocean Beach has a distinct old-fashioned feel, like something directly out of the movie Endless Summer. The beach location between the San Diego River and the hills of Point Loma make for the best waves in California, attracting surfers and beachgoers alike.

Where to Go

Not only does Ocean Beach have its beautiful beachfront, but it also home to a great pier and even Dog Beach. The Pier lies at the foot of Newport Ave and is one of the longest in Southern California. The half mile pier jets out over the ocean and features one of the few places you can fish without a California fishing license. Dog Beach lies in between the Mission Bay Harbor Channel and the north end jetty. Here, pets are encouraged to frolic off their leashes, run into the ocean, and play until their hearts are content.


Ocean Beach hosts a ton of different special events throughout the year. For example, their annual Octoberfest is happening this month. Guests can experience the tastes of Germany right on the beach and enjoy a fun day of drinking and listening to great music. The City of San Diego posts a calendar of these events, so make sure to take a look at what is happening during your vacation.


This beach also features full-time lifeguard-supervised swimming and surfing areas to make sure you stay safe during your trip. Make sure to look out for these stations in case of an emergency.

Enjoy San Diego’s Ocean Beach

We hope you will have a great time visiting this amazing beach, and if you need help or would like more information on our services, please feel free to explore our website or call 710 Beach Rentals at 858-598-3137.