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Regardless of the time of year, you will always find a memorable time with any vacation to San Diego. The city is so diverse and vibrant that there is something for everyone, from the bustling streets of downtown to the beautiful beaches. We are amidst one of our favorite times to visit this amazing city, as summer is winding down. Here are some of things you should look out for before the season comes to an end.

Visit the Beach of Course

If you have ever been to San Diego, then you know that the weather is essentially perfect throughout the entire year. But the beach visits reach their full potential late in the summer. This is because the weather is still great and the water has not dipped to lower temperatures quite yet. Pair this with far less crowded beaches than during the peak of summer and you have some relaxing beach conditions.

Attempt to See a Blue Whale

There are two whale migration periods in San Diego. The first is from December to April and features gray whales. But one of the most amazing sights you will ever see is coming to a close at the beginning of October: The blue whale migration through the waters of San Diego! You can try to catch a glimpse from the shore, or you can choose from the many whale watching tours to increase your chances of seeing something amazing.

Catch a Baseball Game

The San Diego Padres may not be going to the World Series this year, but there is no better place to catch a baseball game than in San Diego. Underneath the powerful lights, cool ocean breezes find their way into Petco Park to create one of the most pleasant atmospheres imaginable. The season ends in the beginning of October, so act fast!


It is not hard to believe that San Diego is one of the best places to go fishing in the country. This is especially true of the deep sea fishing opportunities here. And there is no better time to get out there than as summer comes to a close. This is the perfect time of year because practically every fish in the area is active and biting like crazy in September and October. This includes dorado, yellowtail, white sea bass, halibut, shark, and so many more.

There are so many reasons that San Diego is one of the most visited cities in the entire country. A major reason is the endless array of activities visitors can take advantage of. Before the summer officially concludes, take a quick trip out to this beautiful city and end the season the right way!