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It’s always interesting learning the quirks and stories that make your vacation city the place it is today, and when visiting San Diego, you can plan on the stories being good ones! Our history is rich, colorful, and unlike any other place you have ever visited, so grab some popcorn, snuggle into your 710 Beach Rentals cozy couch, and prepare to be entertained with these San Diego facts! And don’t forget the wine; wine always makes a good story better!

The Coronado Bridge Was Opened in 1969

Before construction, the only way to get to Coronado Island was to hop on a boat or ferry. Oh, and consider this as you are driving across the bridge, preparing to spend a day of fun in the sun on our favorite island: Former President Ronald Reagan was the first person to drive across the Coronado Bridge!

The San Diego Airport is Really Busy

This single runway airport is considered the busiest one in the entire United States. If you’re reading this from the comfort of your cottage, you probably don’t care, but if you’re on a plane heading here, be prepared for some congestion! (It’ll be worth it in the long run, we promise!)

We Love Tony Hawk

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk is a hometown boy; he grew up in San Diego and makes his home in Encinitas today, so while you are exploring the town, don’t be surprised if you run into him somewhere! Oh, and in case you were wondering, we love him so much we’ve declared May 29th his personal day!

The Guacamole in San Diego is the Best in the World

Be sure to order the guacamole when eating at Ponce’s, our favorite Mexican restaurant. Fallbrook, a tiny community located just outside of San Diego, is considered the avocado capital of the world! This also explains why any sandwich is turned into a California version just by adding avocado!

The Door to Your 710 Beach Rentals Vacation Hideaway Will Never Squeak

Yes, our homes are well maintained, so this wouldn’t be an issue anyway; however, even if that weren’t the case, you would be squeak-free anyway. WD-40 was invented in San Diego by Norman Larsen in 1953!

Just a Small Sample

The above San Diego facts are just a small sample of what makes our oceanside city so absolutely wonderful; contact us to reserve one of our vacation rentals today and discover what other interesting facts make this Southern California city the perfect place to visit!