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There are countless reasons why San Diego is one of the most visited cities throughout the entire United States. Of course, this starts with the beaches, but it extends to endless activities, incredible weather, and of course, some of the most amazing natural beauty. Regardless of where you find yourself throughout the city, you are never far from a unique vantage point from which you can admire this beauty. The following are some places that offer the best views in San Diego. 

Sunset Cliffs

With a name like that, Sunset Cliffs is a no-brainer for best views in San Diego. On the south end of the town of Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs provides a secluded place where it will feel as if the beauty of San Diego was put there just for you. Obviously, it is one of the best places to watch the sun dip below the Pacific Ocean, but it is a great place to find a view regardless of the time of day.  

San Diego Sightseeing at Mount Soledad 

Many people have not visited Mount Soledad, but most people are familiar with the enormous cross you will find at the top of it. This is part of the veteran’s memorial at the top. While this is a beautiful monument, it is very difficult to compete with the view you can enjoy of the city. Mount Soledad is in the heart of La Jolla, so you can see everything that San Diego has to offer from its peak. You can see the harbor and downtown San Diego in the distance, countless miles of coastline, SeaWorld, and all of the towns and neighborhoods of the city. This vantage point will give you a newfound appreciation for this beautiful city.  

Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument represents some of the most unique shore that San Diego has to offer. It is located on the end of a cape that acts as the opening to the San Diego Bay. As it separates the bay and the ocean, you get to enjoy the best views of both. It is also directly across the bay from downtown, so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle from a unique perspective. This is also the perfect place to watch massive boats make their way in and out of the bay.  

When it comes down to it, there are an infinite number of great places to enjoy scenic views in San Diego. These are some of the most special spots, but you cannot go wrong with just walking outside and enjoying the view.  Contact us to book your vacation rental and to learn more about San Diego sightseeing! We offer a vast selection of properties, including Sunset Cliffs and Temecula rentals.