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It is not easy to stay on top of the restaurant scene in San Diego because it is constantly changing. This is due to endless new San Diego restaurants popping up every month and offering something special. Whether this is a new take on a classic or something entirely different, you are sure to find something unique at any one of these fresh establishments. San Diego is a hub for countless passions and pursuits, but the most notable of these is food. The following are just a few of the best new San Diego restaurants that have made landfall in 2017.


You can find this locally-loved San Diego restaurant in Pacific Beach and Liberty Public Market. The burgers are the piece de resistance here. As the name subtly suggests, cheese-stuffed burger patties are a huge part of what makes a meal here such a memorable experience. When you pair this culinary miracle with endless toppings, from your average lettuce and tomato to spicy mac n cheese or candied bacon, you have something special. You will find a cherry on top in the diverse sides and drinks that accompany one amazing meal at Stuffed!

Dija Mara is One of the Best Restaurants in San Diego

Oftentimes it seems that new restaurants just bring more of the same, but this is certainly not the case with Dija Mara. Dija Mara, one of the best restaurants in San Diego, brings a fresh take on your dining experience with respect to the environment and most importantly the food. The “industrial-chic” design and decor of this cozy dining room provides the perfect ambiance for the Californian/Balinese cuisine. This amazing mix of cuisine and culture provides for an experience and flavor that you have never encountered before. This culinary hotspot in Oceanside offers amazing dishes like whole roasted fish, pork ribs, and endless varieties of skewers

Breakfast Republic

This charming new establishment is changing the way that we think about breakfast. It takes the mundane and turns it into something spectacular that will get your day off to the best start you have had in a while. Everything in thisrestauranthas a playful feeling, whether it is the spacious dining room with eclectic décor or any number of adventurous breakfast items. Go with something you know or go out on a limb and try the breakfast hot dogs, breakfast jambalaya, churro pancakes, and much more. You can be sure that no item on the menu will disappoint. Wherever you find yourself in San Diego, there is a Breakfast Republic close by, as they have been sprouting up everywhere because it has become so popular!

If you are a culinary explorer, then you will not find a single dull meal in San Diego. These are some of the most exciting new spots, but there are a seemingly infinite range of amazing places to get a meal. Try these best new restaurants in San Diego when you contact us to reserve one of our amazing vacation rentals!