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In San Diego, you will find a community that is passionate in just about every pursuit that you can imagine. Among the most popular of these pursuits is the crafting of unique and delicious beers. There is a vibrant community of beer drinkers and brewers that make this city one of the best places in the whole world to go if you enjoy a good beer. The following are some of the best beers from the area and San Diego breweries that have gained praise from all over the world.

The Sculpin IPA

Okay, at this point you can get this beer in taverns and taprooms all over the world. But visiting the Ballast Point Brewery in San Diego is an amazing experience that gives you a peak into the genesis of one of the most universally loved IPAs in the country. The amazing flavor of this beer is the culmination of the tireless hopping process, which takes place at five different stages of the beers production. The result is a beer with a good bite, but with smooth accents of apricot, peach, mango, and lemon flavors. And there are always new and inventive brews on tap at this amazing brewery! You can find this brewery in Little Italy.

Stone Russian Imperial Stout

While there are countless amazing beers at Stone, one beer that is loved in countless countries across the world is the Stone Russian Imperial Stout. This is one of the best stouts that you will find in San Diego, offering a deep black color, with the slightest beige exterior. This complex flavor features things like plums, licorice, and dark roasted barley. Stone has been the recipient of countless awards declaring it the best place to grab a delicious beer in San Diego. You can find 3 Stone locations; one is downtown and the other two are around the airport.

Pure “Hoppiness”

This is one of the most notable beers that you can find at Alpine Brewing Company. In 2015, this brewery was ranked as the 6th best in the entire world. That should give you a sense of the amazing flavors in this beer, but nothing will do it justice like taking a cool sip. The name tends to speak for itself a bit, as you get a very pronounced bitterness from a wide variety of hops. This initial flavor is wonderfully smoothed out by accents of pine and citrus. You can find this brewery and pub just east of San Diego off of the I-8.

These beers are all must-tries for anyone visiting the San Diego, but the list of amazing local beers goes on and on. Exploring the countless San Diego breweries is an amazing way to try some of the best beers you have ever had, while getting a feel for the local community.

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