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Brunch is a special tradition among some people—whether it’s the only way to start off a weekend, or the perfect birthday outing, or the imperative start to any vacation, a person’s favorite brunch place is near and dear to their heart. While this might make this list a contentious one, we can’t help but share a few of our favorite brunch spots in San Diego.

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

While San Diego delights in its eclectic options, Tom Ham’s shoots straight for brunch, with simple options like whole grain pancakes and an omelet station. Brunch only happens on Sundays though, so if you want your free-flowing champagne, plan accordingly! It’s located close to the San Diego International Airport, making it a great spot to start your vacation if you come in on an early flight or to top it off before you leave.

Mess Hall

Brunch is only available on Sundays here, but if you want something fancy and savory, this is the place to go. It can sometimes be hard to justify the price, but for the atmosphere and the options—from bacon steak to dressed-up toast—you can’t go wrong with Mess Hall. It’s between Sea World and the airport on Historic Decatur Road.

The Mission

While not strictly a brunch place, The Mission’s breakfasts make it a popular stop for those on Mission Beach. Like much of San Diego, it attends to healthy-eaters with low-carb and low-calorie options. It also includes southwestern flair, including the use of chorizo and jalapeños. If you’re not sure what to get here, go for a breakfast croissant!

Fig Tree Café

It’s a pleasant environment too, with the outdoor seating complementing the San Diego weather. Their breakfast staples, including their eggs benedict, French toast, and pancakes. Service here is consistently friendly. The most popular Fig Tree Café is in Pacific Beach, but happily, you can find Fig Tree Café throughout the city—there’s one in Liberty Station, and another in Hillcrest.

Hanna’s Gourmet

“Carrot cake pancakes.” Are you convinced yet? Hanna’s Gourmet has some inventive twists on breakfast staples—with a globally-inspired menu, they tap into some of the best flavor combinations humanity has discovered. Red velvet pancakes, eggs a la Morocco, and omelet a la Romana all delight the taste buds and fill the palette. Hanna’s Gourmet is in University Heights on Adams Avenue.

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